Clinical Student Evaluation
Thank you for being a preceptor for a CMH EMS clinical student. For the student to get credit for completing this clinical, an evaluation must be completed by the preceptor. Link to this form:
Clinical site: *
Please review the following preceptor training topics:
Evaluation tools and evaluation criteria:
This form is the evaluation tool and criteria are based on a scale of one (1) to five (5).

Please score the lowest performance observed throughout the shift.

All evaluations are averaged together for each student and they are presented with their average score and the average score of the entire class.
Coaching and mentorship techniques:
Begin each shift with a pre-briefing on expectations from both the preceptor and the student. Set the stage for learning.

Your job as preceptor is to create space and time for the student to perform. Allow the student to succeed or fail on their own without interrupting his/her flow (except in the case of safety or patient care issues).

Adults must have meaning behind what they learn - Tell students "why" there is a right way to do something.

Adults learn one step at a time and in an orderly - Allow students time to master the previous step before introducing the next. The next step should logically follow the previous.

Adults must be an active participant in learning - Ensure students have hands-on time with each skill. "TELLING" or "SHOWING" is only the beginning. Real learning happens when the student can "DO."

Feeback is critical - There should not be any surprises at the end of the shift. If the student has performed well, you should give them encouragement and positive feedback throughout the shift. If the student has performed poorly, you should have been coaching them and indicating their performance is not adequate throughout the shift.

Perform a post-event critique after each call, patient, or significant event. Give the student time to identify their own strengths and weaknesses.
Contact information:
If you have any questions or comments, please contact the CMH EMS Education Director: Theron Becker
417-597-3688 (cell)
Form says it is 15 pages long, but you will only see a few of them with a max of ten questions.
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