2020 Oregon Math Standards Project - Advisory Panelist Application
Seeking Interested Educators for Math Advisory Panels
The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) is seeking interested educators to serve on Math Advisory Panels starting in Spring 2019 and through the 2020-21 school year. It it expected that two panels would be formed,

• One advisory Panel will focus on the review and enhancement of the K-8 math standards,
• The second advisory panel will focus on the High School math standards and support ongoing efforts related to the Oregon Mathways Project which includes drafting standards that align to high school math pathways.

This form will stay open so interested educators can engage in this process. A smaller group of approximately 25-30 educators will be identified to participate in-person meetings to support this work. There will be opportunities for a larger network of educators to participate in online opportunities such as webinars or feedback on draft documents.

Nominations submitted by Monday, March 4th, 2019 will be considered for inclusion for an in-person panel that will be formed. Interested panelists will be contacted by mid-March with further information about the selection process and any additional information that may need to be collected for the final section of the panels. Nominations submitted after this date could still participate in online opportunities as the work moves forward.

Additional information about this request as well as FAQs can be found within the announcement on the Oregon Educator Network link below.

Any questions about this work can also be sent to Mark Freed, ODE Mathematics Education Specialist, at mark.freed@state.or.us

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Professional Education Experience
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Have you attended professional development or workshops on Culturally Responsive Instruction?
Do you have experience and/or additional training serving students in Special Education or students with an IEP?
Do you have experience and/or additional training serving students in TAG?
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Math Education Experience
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