3/1 Kline Thursday Dinner Menu
You can vote for as many dishes as you'd like. We're looking for new ideas for dishes! Please contribute your favorite meals on the bottom. Sometimes the chosen menu and the Kline budget do not line up and unfortunately we can not deliver things voted upon. We try our absolute best to stay as loyal to the chosen menu as possible, and will pick the next most voted thing!

ALSO feel free to suggest a permanent change to Kline at the bottom of the form. We are looking to make changes to Kline we just don't know what the student body exactly wants.

* Harvest of the Month is a Bard EATS program that showcases local vegetables. Every Thursday menu will feature at least one dish with the harvest of the month and ingredients coming directly from local providers.

V = Vegetarian; VA = Vegan; GF = Gluten Free; L = Local; M = Meat Version Available
But what does it mean when two of them appear in the same dish? It means that there will be two options available that satisfy each category. For example Burrito Bar (M) (V) means there will be both a meat burrito and vegetarian burrito

Choose as many as you want
Main Line
Harvest of the Month* (March: Beets)
What was your favorite thing to eat growing up?
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Something missing? (well yeah the whole world of cuisine) Suggest a dish or food to be voted upon and included in the next menu OR suggest a referendum
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