Greater Lafayette Magazine Story - New Chauncey Historic District Turning 10 Years Old

We were contacted by Bradley Oppenheim from Greater Lafayette Magazine  regarding a story about the New Chauncey Historic District turning 10 years old.  The survey of his questions are linked below.  He would like responses in by the May 20th.

We know the New Chauncey neighborhood's view on the historic district is as varied as the residents themselves and would appreciate hearing your perspective.

The article will be printed and therefore you must include your name and a method of contact in the event that Bradley wants to follow-up.

Feel free to answer as many questions as you want.

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No anonymous sources.
Contact Information
Phone or e-mail, in case Bradley wants to follow-up.
What street do you live on?
As the New Chauncey neighborhood celebrates 10 years as a historic district, what kind of accomplishments/preservations have you seen first hand due to this status?
Were you involved in the initial advocacy leading up to New Chauncey’s designation as a historic district 10 years ago? If so, how did you play a part? 10 years later, how do you continue advocating for the neighborhood?
As a resident of New Chauncey, why is it so important that the neighborhood maintains the status of a historic district? What does it mean to you living in a neighborhood packed with so much history?
Have you directly benefited from New Chauncey being deemed a historic district? If so, please explain.
How often does this historic district designation come up in conversation among neighbors? What conversations/ideas have been had and shared?
Looking ahead to the next 10 years, what kind of vision would you like to see for the neighborhood?
When meeting someone who is new to the neighborhood, do you make it a point to share the history behind New Chauncey?
For someone who may not see the value in the designation of a historic district, what would be your message to them?
Is there anything else that you would like to include?
Thank you!
Please submit your responses.
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