AllerCoach(TM) by IFAMA Program Application
About the Program

This specialized

World class entrepreneurial food & allergen management certification
meets for 2 hours
live, online
with a group of fellow food & allergen specialist like you & a live instructor with a proven track record of making million for organization, building microenterprises around the world while doing good work for good causes.

Class participation is important! Interaction is encouraged. Classes are recorded for participating students only, for review in audio only.

The course is for professionals, microenterprises  and individuals who want to add a Food & Allergen Management Specialist (TM)  Certified to their credentials.

This class does not diagnose food allergies and does not condone diagnosing food allergies, which should be done by a board certified allergist.

We provide the most current curriculum related to food allergies and related medically necessary diets as well as basic business building tools and coaching skills to help individuals who have already been diagnosed by a medical doctor.  

We have standardized the information for coaches to provide tools to help individuals manage the day to day challenges with more efficiency and safety.  

AllerCoach(TM), was established in 2012 by Food Allergy Gal aka 👩🏽‍🍳Chef Lara™️ , and is now part of the International Food Allergen Management Academy (IFAMA),  a social, global, nonprofit organization.

Other program dates and times can be found at

This application does not guarantee  acceptance to the AllerCoach (TM) program. An interview with an International Food Allergen Management Academy (IFAMA) board member is required for each applicant.  Only 24 per year are accepted.
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