Company formation questionnaire
Necessary information to start preparation for company formation in Bulgaria.
Aidos Accounting services
Company name
The availability of the name will be checked by our legal department
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Management address of the company
When you don't have an address we can provide you with an address
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Main activity of the company?
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How much will be the company capital in BGN?
The minimum required capital is 2 BGN (1 Euro)
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How will the capital be divided in case of more owners?
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What will be the share value per share?
For example: 50 shares of 10 BGN, total capital 500 BGN
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Who will be the owner(s) of the company?
We will need a copy of the ID-cards or passports.
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Who will be the manager/director of the company?
This can be the owner(s) or third person(s). We will need a copy of the ID-cards or passports.
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Do you require VAT registration?
Required when the company has activities outside Bulgaria
Any further questions or comments?
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