Breathwork and Sound Bath with Camo 4/23/2023 10:30am
Please fill out this form to register for your space for the 4/23/2023 Breathwork and Sound Bath at the Yurt at 10:30am. You will be informed of your registration by Courtney Jackson, and she will be your point of contact for  questions regarding registrations or cancellations. You can connect with Courtney at (206) 859-0886 or email For all other questions connect with Camo at (206) 459-1022. Thank you for taking the time to review this form and for your interest in our offering.
Location: 21806 WA-9, Woodinville, WA 98072-9767, United States
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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!!The following is list of contraindications to breathwork: Cardiovascular Disease, Detached Retina/Glaucoma, Aneurysms. Epilepsy, Thyroid conditions, Uncontrolled Diabetes, Untreated Bipolar/schitzophrenia, High Blood Pressure, Pregnancy, Asthma - Have inhaler accessible. Do you acknowledge that you have read and understand these, and either do not have, have confirmed breathwork is safe for you through your PCP, or understand that you will modify your breath pattern to be safe in your self and our community? *
By submitting this form you are claiming one spot for our 4/23/2023 10:30am breathwork and sound healing. Do you commit to informing us ASAP if you are unable to claim your held place in this healing journey so that we can connect with those on the waitlist? *
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