Mothers of Reinvention Course Survey
Thanks for your feedback! It'll help me make this course as helpful as it can be.
Which areas of your life could use some thought, vision, and/or possibly a change?
What stage of motherhood do you consider yourself to be in?
Which of these statements is MOST true for you?
If you had to choose the ideal pace for you to work through a program, it would be:
What financial investment would you be able/willing to make in a program that would help you achieve a specific, important goal and provide you with a supportive community along the way?
Which of these aspects are most important to you in an online course? Choose up to 3.
Are you facing any particular changes in your life, or hoping to make a change soon? If so, please describe.
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How many hours do you have each week to devote to a course?
Anything else you'd like me to know about you - challenges you're facing, special needs, or hopes for a course like this?
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Based on this description: "A course for moms who are reinventing themselves in some way, for example: moving from the little-kid stage to being a mom of big kids, pursuing a new creative passion, considering a change in their career, or just trying to make all the pieces of their lives fit together more smoothly" - how likely would you be to sign up?
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