ChillZone Staff Applications
To ensure this is a safe place for everyone to enjoy, we are always hiring good members of the community to help out and enforce our rules!
Please note you must meet the following requirements :
  • First login atleast two weeks ago. (Having only one hour in those two weeks isn't sufficient, we can check).
  • No history of punishments on ChillZone. Exceptions may be made so feel free to continue applying.
  • You must be in The ChillZone Discord & have been somewhat active in there.
  • A good understanding of our rules, if you have not even read them- do not bother applying.
  • Over the age of 13+ minimum.
Applying for a Staff Position is generally very competitive, we get more applications than we can reasonably hire. Due to this, we recommend not just meeting the requirements- but exceeding them- e.g been very active.
You can only apply once every 30d! If you are rejected, please read your rejection response and learn from it.
Please ensure you put effort into your responses, no one word answers, and Good Luck!
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What is your Minecraft Username?
How old are you?
Country & Timezone? (UTC+)
If you are not sure, please refer to this tool.
What is your Discord User? (Example#0001)
How long have you played ChillZone?
Do you have any history of punishments?
If the answer is yes, please explain why you should still be considered.
Are you able to record?
(Using a tool such as OBS, Geforce Experience, etc)
Are you in the Discord & registered on the Forums?
You can join the Discord here, and register for the Forums here.
How long can you dedicate to ChillZone each week?
What prior experience/skills do you have to help you with this role?
What do you think the job of a Staff Member is?
Why do you want this role?
Explain a time you made a mistake. How did you resolve it? What did you learn?
This can be anything, there's no right or wrong answer. This just helps us get a good idea of how you'd handle various situations.
Do you have any references?
This can be existing staff/well known players- or even previous server staff you've worked with/for.
What are your weaknesses?
That's it! You've made it to the end!
Your application may be shown to senior staff and potentially newer hires if a decision cannot be made. Please tick the box to confirm you're okay with this.
Please note it may take a couple of weeks for us to review your application.
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