TPTH Fic Club - Submit a Title
Looking to get an honest review on your work? Become obsessed recently with an amazing story and want to share it with the community? Just want to promote for the sake of promoting? Submit the title to the TPTH Fic Club and we'll R&R!

Please read the details below before continuing.

Only members of TPTH are permitted to submitting a title. All titles must be DBZ related. Furthermore, the main pairing must be Bulma and Vegeta. They must also have a status of complete (within 1 year) or have been updated within 3 Months of the initial submission to be considered. We will not work with abandoned stories.

Authors must also be actively posting and updating. If they've recently updated a work that is not in our fandom, or is not the current story, we will accept it. Authors who have not updated in 1 year is considered inactive.

Works in Progress must have enough content for the club to work with. Please keep in mind that we will only read up to the latest update, and it is up to the members discretion to bookmark and keep up with the story as it continues in their own time. We may return to the same WIP title once it's completed to discuss the overall progress of the story.

Participants are not restricted to one submission, but are responsible for ensuring they are not submitting the same title twice. To avoid this, please refer to the Title Read Checklist (link below) that is updated every time a new title is submitted.

Without further ado, we look forward to seeing your submission :D
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