Easter for Kids: Jesus Lives!
Drop the children off at Beautiful Savior for a day full of fun this Easter. On Saturday, March 24 from 9 AM to Noon, the children will do crafts, make snacks, play games, and sing songs. All the activities help the children see Jesus lives and what that means for them.
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At Beautiful Savior, we want to provide your child with the best experience possible at our Easter for Kids. We promise to care for your child with a high-level of love and protection. We acknowledge that there is always the possibility for injury inside and outside of our building during this event. We would do everything within our control to prevent this from happening, but welcome everyone to participate at their own risk. We ask the caretaker/parental guardian of this child to give their signed consent to acknowledge that the liability of this child, while in our care, resides with the parent.
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During this event, there will be many enjoyable moments we will take the opportunity to photograph. Some of these photographs will appear in our publications, website and other media. Parents who would not like their children's image to be used by Beautiful Savior need not sign below. Parents who will allow their children to be photographed and approve the use of these photos by Beautiful Savior are encouraged to give their consent by signing here.
By typing your name in the field below, you approve of your child being included in photos that could potentially be used by Beautiful Savior for future publications.
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