2020 Call For Presenters
Deadline for submission is June 9, 2020.

You are invited to submit proposals for the 30th Annual Illinois Skyward User Group Conference to be held at the Peoria Civic Center on October 26th & 27th. Presentations will be offered as 60-minute concurrent educational sessions presented by one or two participants in a lecture-style format. About three-quarters of the allotted time will be for the presentation, and the remaining quarter for questions and answers. A variety of supporting media such as slide deck presentations and/or handouts with key information is required.
Persons selected to present at the Illinois Skyward User Group Conference agree to the following guidelines:

• Workshop presenters are responsible for all arrangements and expenses necessary for participation.
• Presenters must be registered for the conference, and are entitled to one free registration for the conference.
• Presenters are required to provide a digital copy of all materials, including: slide decks, handout materials to support their presentations to the Skyward Steering Committee no later than October 1, 2020. All handouts for workshop participants are the responsibility of the presenter.
• All presenters are expected to adhere to copyright laws.
• Presenters must bring their own computers and adapters for their presentation. LCD Projectors and screens will be provided in each room.
• Presenters agree to give Illinois Skyward Steering Committee permission to reproduce all material submitted, audio/video record and distribute recordings of their presentation. Presenters agree to waive all claims to any royalties in conjunction with sales of the recordings. This does not in any way limit the presenter’s right to have the materials published or presented in other forms.
Selection Process
The Illinois Skyward Steering Committee members will evaluate the proposed presentations on the basis of appropriateness and significance of the topic as well as indications that the presentation will be organized and well-prepared. Other factors affecting proposal selection include:

• Relevance to school administration and management
• Well-defined focus
• Practical applications of the material
• Timeliness of the topic
• Presentation quality
Submitting a Proposal
• Please type or print clearly when completing the presentation proposal form.
• If submitting more than one proposal, each must be submitted on a separate form.
• Do not submit videos, PowerPoint/Prezi presentations, or other materials at this time.

Proposal deadline is Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Late presenter applications MAY be considered after June 9th. The Illinois Skyward Steering Committee will notify you by June 30, 2020 regarding the status of your presentation proposal.
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