If you feel able, please anonymously submit testimony of incidents of systemic racism you have experienced or witnessed at the RCA here. These will be used to support the arguments of the open letter and be made public by RCA UCU via social media. The form is anonymous and does not collect email addresses.

If you are posting testimony you have witnessed, please only do so AFTER ensuring the anonymity of, and securing permission from, those who experienced it directly. This is of vital importance, to not further endanger those already experiencing the violence of systemic violence.

Given the intended function of testimony at this time to communicate a broader context and environment of abuse, please leave any names out of your testimony.

Any identifying characteristics or details will be removed to preserve anonymity, including minor features and particulars. The UCU RCA branch is responsible for any ramifications or possible outcomes of revealing identities, so we take this process seriously; it involves members who have lived experience of racism and sexism, and we strive to the utmost to preserve the experience of the writer.

If you have any issues with details being amended or altered to preserve anonymity, please consider carefully what you are submitting. The following amendments may be used: race and ethnicity may be changed to 'X' in order to protect the author, programmes may be anonymised in order to protect the author, gender may be changed to 'X' to protect the author and dates may be changed to  year 'X' in order to protect the author. We recognise that many of these specifics, notably race/ethnicity and gender, are paramount to the particulars of individual experience; as such, we will only ever alter them if they would directly lead to the identification of the individual in question.

We are a small team of volunteers, as such we are unfortunately at present not able to offer consultation on amendments with regards to time and labour.

If you recognise yourself in a testimonial, please do not contact the author.
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Your testimony
Your testimony
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