Panhellenic Executive Board Application 2019
We are so excited that you are interested in serving on the 2019 Panhellenic Executive Board! Once you are done filling out the application, please sign up for an exec interview on the Google Spreadsheet at the end of the application or at Allison Green's Office (HAWC 112) by Friday November 10.

Please read the qualifications and officer descriptions before filling out the application on the next page:

Qualifications (taken from the Panhellenic Bylaws)

o The following qualifications apply to candidates for all officers; they must be in good standing with their chapter and must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average or a 3.0 for the previous semester.

o Officers are required to maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average and maintain good standing with their chapter throughout their term in office.

o Additionally, it is suggested that positions have had at least one year of recruitment involvement with her chapter not specifically limited to a chapter Recruitment Chair position. However, the Panhellenic President and the Panhellenic VP Recruitment MUST have at least one year of recruitment experience (i.e. recruiting for their chapter, serving as a Rho Chi).

Executive Board Duties and Descriptions

The Executive board of Panhellenic shall consist of the following officers:
o President
o Vice President of Ethics and Morals
o Vice President of Academics
o Vice President of Finance
o Vice President of Recruitment
o Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing
o Head Recruitment Counselor

Panhellenic President:
o Have overall responsibility for the operation of the Panhellenic Council.
o Preside at all regular meetings of the Panhellenic Council and call and preside at its special meetings.
o Call and preside at all meeting of the Panhellenic Executive Board.
o Review, approve, and sign all Panhellenic Association checks involving the Pepperdine University Panhellenic Association.
o Serve as an ex-officio member of all Panhellenic Council Committees with voice but not vote.
o Report as required to the Greek Life Advisor and the National Panhellenic Conference Area Advisor.
o Maintain a complete up-to-date President’s file which include a copy of the Pepperdine University Panhellenic Association Constitution; the current NPC Manual of Information and related materials; current correspondence and materials received from the NPC Area Adviser; copies of the completed College Panhellenic Reports to the Area Advisor, and other pertinent materials.
o Serve as a member of the Student Organizations Judicial Board when needed.
o Chair the Slating Committee.
o Assist in resolving Recruitment violations.
o Update the Constitution at least once throughout her tenure.
o Other duties as necessary.
Beneficial Skills/Qualities: strong organization skills; good at managing time, strong communication skills; prompt email/phone replies; serve neutrally and diplomatically

Vice President of Ethics and Morals:
o Perform the duties of the President in her absence, inability to serve, or at her call.
o Coordinate recruitment infraction hearings in conjunction with the Greek Life Advisor.
o Serve as a member of the Student Organizations Judicial Board when needed.
o Oversee the organization of events which promote and inform Panhellenic members on moral and ethical development.
Beneficial Skills/Qualities: Neutrality, diplomacy, and confidentiality; strong organizational skills; good with paperwork (both paper and electronic files); inclination for bylaws, regulations and NPC documents; ability to familiarize oneself with Panhellenic documents and rules

Vice President of Academics:
o Collect and distribute academic performance rankings.
o Publish important academic dates and deadlines.
o Collect and distribute information about campus academic services, such as tutors, the writing lab, math lab, learning assistance programs, interest tests, career counseling, placement workshops, and library resources.
o Work individually with chapter scholarship chairs below the all-women's grade point average.
o Build and maintain relationships with faculty, academic offices, and academic honorary societies.
Beneficial Skills/Qualities: Organization with data a spreadsheets; confidentiality with academic records; creativity with academic programming; knowledge or willingness to learn about campus resources; ability to network and collaborate with campus departments, faculty, and staff

Vice President of Finance:
o Be responsible for the general supervision of the finances of the PU PA.
o Be responsible for the preparation of the annual budget.
o Receive all payments due to the Panhellenic Council and give receipts in conjunction with the Greek Life Advisor.
o Be responsible for the prompt payment of all bills of the Panhellenic Association in conjunction with the Greek Life Advisor.
o Maintain up-to-date financial records and give an annual report at the close of her term of office.
Beneficial Skills/Qualities: Understanding or background in finance a plus; promptness with deadlines

Vice President of Recruitment:
o Work with Greek Life Advisor to market spring recruitment to incoming spring admits
o Revise recruitment rules as needed
o Plan pre-recruitment events for Panhellenic
o Work with Head Rho Chi to facilitate recruitment workshops during Rho Chi training
o Work on the logistics and mechanics of Panhellenic recruitment with the Greek Life Advisor (including, pre-recruitment, meetings, formal recruitment, and bid night)
Beneficial Skills/Qualities: Creativity and interest in event-planning; commitment to working on Panhellenic recruitment throughout the summer; organized with logistics and policies; interest in recruitment and NPC recruitment policies

Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing:
o Oversee social media accounts and websites for Panhellenic in conjunction with the Greek life staff.
o Coordinate PR events for Panhellenic throughout the academic year
o Spearhead marketing campaigns for recruitment alongside VPR and design posters, giveaways, tabling set ups, etc.
o Keep an up-to-date roll of the members of Panhellenic Council and call it at all Council meetings.
o Keep full minutes of all meetings of the PU PA, the Panhellenic Council, and a record of all action by the Executive board.
o Maintain a complete and up-to-date file, which will include all minutes of the meetings of the PA and of the Council from the date or organization; copies of all contracts made by the Panhellenic Council; current correspondence; and an up-to-date social calendar.
Beneficial Skills/Qualities: Creativity and background in graphic design or digital media a plus; social media knowledge; ability and initiative to work independently; organization; good note taking skills

The Head Recruitment Counselor shall:
o Coordinate the recruitment and selection of all Panhellenic Recruitment Counselors.
o Coordinate the training of the Recruitment Counselors in conjunction with the VPR and Greek Life Advisor.
o Plan the Recruitment Counselor Retreat and organize the logistics of recruitment in regards to recruitment counselors and PNMs in conjunction with the VPR and Greek Life Advisor.
o Work alongside the VPR in all pre-recruitment and recruitment events
o Develop best practices for new member and member education programs for member organizations.
o Organize, develop, and implement the annual New Member Forum with the Greek Life Advisor.
Beneficial Skills/Qualities: Warm personality, strong interpersonal and peer counseling skills, positive attitude

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