Gaelcon RPG & LARP Submissions
Gaelcon 36 is running 25-28th October at the Crowne Plaza Northwood!... so it's time to start writing for Ireland's premier gaming convention!

Whether you're a seasoned writer or a total rookie when it comes to con games, we can't wait to have you at Gaelcon! Everybody is welcome- and we at the RPG Team will do our best to accommodate everybody: if you have any specific comments or queries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on social media or directly at 

We know what you're thinking: what's in it for me?

Well, not only will you get the chance to run an awesome game for some awesome people, but game writers will receive a free day to the convention for one game written and free entry for the whole weekend with a second game written, or by volunteering to run a second slot! What a deal!

We can't wait to see what kind of games you submit!

This form will close at 11pm on Friday, August 2nd.


Am I guaranteed a slot?
Unfortunately not. The RPGs and LARPs team will do our best to accommodate everybody who submits a game, if we get a large number of submissions we will not be able to guarantee everybody a slot. It also goes without saying that any games which are deemed inappropriate, offensive or otherwise violate Gaelcon's core values will not be accepted.

I've never submitted a "Con Game" before. What should I expect?
Convention games offer some unique challenges and opportunities to game writers. It can be incredibly exciting to sit down with a table of players you may not know and tell a story together. It's a great time! However, there are some differences between a game you might run for your friends at home and a con game that are important to keep in mind. Firstly, your players may not have played the system you plan on running - or indeed, any game system before! Make sure your game is approachable, and you know how to guide new players through the system. Secondly, you're working on a limited time frame - two to three hours! Make sure you have the time for the story you want to tell - plan a defined beginning, middle and end, and consider how puzzles, combats and game mechanics will take up that time. You'll want to make sure your game should include all the printed materials you need (like character sheets, maps and monster stats) too If you've never run a con game before, or just want some help or advice for preparing your game, please reach out - we're here to help you run games!

Can I submit multiple games?
Absolutely! Just make sure to fill out a copy of this form for each game you would like to run.

What do I do if I can't run my game on a specific day?
Submit your game as normal - there's no need to worry about scheduling or availability yet. Once we have closed submissions, we will send out a second form for scheduling purposes - you can let us know about your availability then.

How long should my game last?
Con games typically run for about three hours. You can run under or over that time if you need to, but be warned that if your game runs too long, we may need to ask you to finish your game or move so that we can accommodate other games.

Do I have to write my own game?
Nope! If you would like to run a game written by somebody else, that's totally fine, as long as you obtain permission from the writer and you credit them. That being said, if we have a large number of submissions, the RPGs and LARPs team will give priority to games written especially for Gaelcon.
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