Mentalogue Training Needs Assessment
Do personnel in your organization need to develop mental health literacy? Do they need to have more emotional awareness and skills to help them serve more effectively? Tell us more about what you need, and Mentalogue will do our best to put you in touch with a professional who can help you do that.
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What kind of training do you need? *
What is the outcome of the training you are looking for? *
Who will be trained, and how is their role relevant to the training needs? *
How many people would you like to be trained? *
Who would the training ultimately benefit/impact? Who are your stakeholders? *
How long are you expecting the training to be? *
How many hours over how many days -- if you do not know, just put a rough estimate of the amount of time your personnel might be able to spare. The  trainers will also propose the appropriate amount of time needed.
Any preferred time/date(s)? *
Would you be able to provide a space/venue for training? *
If you do not have a venue, would you be willing to travel for training, and where would you prefer it to be?
Can your organization afford to pay for trainer fees? What does that budget look like per head, etc. and for how many pax? *
Anything else that might be helpful for us to know?
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