Poudre High School Student Needs Assessment Survey - 9th Grade
Your PHS School Counseling Program requests your assistance in identifying the needs of students in our school. With your help, the counseling staff can better serve you.
About You
Please indicate your gender
What is your ethnic identity?
Which middle school did you attend?
You and Your Pathway
Which Poudre Pathway are you a part of?
What inspired your choice of Pathway?
One purpose of your Pathway is to create a smaller learning community within a big high school. Do you feel like you're part of a close-knit group of peers within your Pathway?
If yes, what do you like about being in a smaller learning community?
If no, what would help you feel a stronger sense of community?
You and Your Transition from Middle School
When I started at Poudre...
Mark the most appropriate answer choice for each statement
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
I felt prepared to be successful in my school work.
I knew how to advocate for myself.
I felt prepared to manage my social life.
I felt prepared to manage my emotions.
I felt prepared that although PHS is large, I'd get to know my way around quickly.
I felt confident about the Pathway I chose.
I had an idea of what career I might be interested in after high school.
What are some of the biggest differences between Middle School and High School?
What else could your Middle School have done to prepare you for Poudre High School?
What is something you miss most about Middle School?
You and Your Time at Poudre
How have you gotten involved at Poudre High School outside of class?
Mark all that apply
Who can you go to for help at Poudre High School?
Mark all that apply
What is the name of one adult that you feel connected to at Poudre?
How helpful were the transition programs that you participated in?
Not helpful
Somewhat helpful
Very helpful
Did not attend
First Day of School/Freshman Transition Day
8th Grade Visit Day (Spring)
Ambassadors in Freshman Seminars
What has been the MOST helpful in your freshman transitional programs so far?
Please describe at least one time when an Ambassador activity or an Ambassador personally helped you.
How could these freshman transitional programs be improved?
Please describe at least one thing that would have made the start of your freshman year easier.
Do you know your Ambassador's name?
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