Common Consumption Questions
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1. Do you think that advertising creates unrealistic desires and wants in the consumer? *
2. Do you buy things to help you forget your worries (Retail Therapy) ? *
3. Do you get the feeling you can't wait for the sales? *
4. Even though you have all your basic needs, do you still feel the need to buy something else? *
5. Do you feel happy when you´ve bought something? *
6. Have you bought something and later regretted it? *
7.Do you feel anxious if you can´t find the product you wanted to buy? *
8. Do you buy only what you need ? *
9. When your friends buy a product, do you buy it too? *
10. Does following fashion mean you have to completely change your wadrobe often ? *
11. Do you buy or sell things second hand? *
11. Do you buy a variety of products, even if you don’t need them, just because they’re on sale? *
12. Do you buy products because of their brand name ? *
13. Do you take into account the expiry date before buying a product? *
14. Do you compare prices in various shops before you buy something? *
15. Whenever you want to fuel up your car, do your stop at the first gas station without looking at the price? *
16. Do you buy clothes that are not from this season? *
17. Before buying do you read about the characteristics and origins of the product? *
18. Do you buy a new cellphone often? *
19. Do you shop locally? *
20. Do you contol your monthly spending? *
21. Is your priority quality over quantity when you are shopping? *
22. When you go shopping, do you go back home with more products than the ones you had planned? *
23. Do you save money from your weekly allowance? *
24. Do you keep the invoice of the product after having bought it? *
25. When you are dissatisfied with the service you have been given, do you complain about it? *
26. Would you ever ask for a loan to buy something to give yourself a treat ? *
27. Do you have a weekly or monthly family budget (income-expenses) at home? *
28. Do you go to the supermarket with a list of the things you want to buy? *
29. Do you avoid using plastic bags? *
30. Do you usually leave the TV on even when you’re not watching it? *
31. Do you consider the environmental consequences of your purchases? *
32. Do you recycle at home? *
33. Do you re-use things that you have bought? *
34. Do you consider yourself to be a person who respects the environment? *
35. Are there left overs from your meal? *
36. Do you take a shower instead of a bath to save water? *
37. Do you leave your chargers plugged in even when you’re not using them? *
38. Do you leave the water running when you are having a shower or brushing your teeth…? *
39. Do you leave the air conditioning, heating or fans on all night? *
40. Do you take advantage of natural light? *
41. Do you donate things to Charity? *
42. Do you write on recycled paper? *
43. Do you use tin foil? *
44. When buying something do you consider the packaging? *
45. Have you been affected by the preprogrammed failure of certain electronic devices? *
46. Do you think that frenzied consumption is a threat to our society? *
47. Do you buy copyrighted books, CDs and DVDs? *
48. Do you buy music over the internet instead of downloading it illegally? *
49. Do you use any computer programme or game without a license? *
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