[MCS] Daily Bitcoin Airdrop
Win Bitcoin Daily! Create/Publish content that links back to (MyCoinStory.com). The MCS team will select winners on a daily basis. Rewards will be distributed in Bitcoin & "MCS Tokens" to your "MyCoinStory Exchange" Wallet.

[Bitcoin Rewards]
Deposited to your MCS account.
– 1st Place: $30 (Worth of Bitcoin)
– 2nd Place: $15
– 3rd Place: $5

[MCS Token Rewards]
MCS is an Exchange Token for (MyCoinStory.com)
– 4th Place: 100 MCS
– 5th Place: 50 MCS
– 6th Place: 40 MCS
– 7th Place: 30 MCS
– 8th Place: 20 MCS
– 9th Place: 10 MCS
– 10th Place: 10 MCS

[How to Participate]
1. Follow MCS Social Accounts (Twitter/Facebook/Telegram)
2. Create a post (Crypto-Topic) with a "MCS Link"
3. Submit in this Google-Form to be added to the Raffle

[Pre-Requisite Follow]
Make sure to follow the following accounts. If you don't follow these account will be excluded from this event.

[Recommended Social Channels]
https://facebook.com (Crypto Facebook Page/Group)
https://t.me (Telegram Channel)

[Content Types]
– Blog Post
– YouTube Video
– Telegram Post
– Social Posts (Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/etc)

[Post Requirements]
Must include a link to MyCoinStory.com
– Ex1) https://blog.mycoinstory.com/mcs-ethereum-hard-fork-and-the-whales
– Ex2) https://mycoinstory.com/register/b1234a12
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1. MCS UID *
Ex) 12345 [Find UID here - https://mycoinstory.com/account/main]
2. Telegram @Username *
Ex) @mcshero123
2.1 Twitter @Username *
Ex) @mcshero123
2.2 Facebook Profile @Username *
Ex) @mcshero123
3. Submit (Link/URL) of Content Linking to MyCoinStory.com (Repeatable)[Multiple-Submission] *
Ex) https://blog.mycoinstory.com/mcs-ethereum-hard-fork-and-the-whales [Create/Publish content that links back to MyCoinStory. The MCS team will select winners on a daily basis. Rewards will be distributed in Bitcoin to your MCS Exchange Wallet]
4. Submit your "MCS Affiliate Link" *
Ex) https://mycoinstory.com/register/b1234a12 [Please become an "MCS Affilaite" to participate in the "Bitcoin Daily Airdrop" event. You may also share your "MCS Affiliate Link" as your "MCS Link"]
Event Policy
MyCoinStory reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time and reason without prior notice. Rewards will be distributed within 10 working days following the end-of-month. Rewards will be distributed into your account. MyCoinStory may request modifications to ensure accuracy of certain topics. MyCoinStory reserves the right to disqualify irregular, low-quality, bulk registered accounts, as well as actions that mimic attributes of manipulation. Increase your chances by sharing more MCS posts. Up to 10 Submissions will be accepted per day. Airdrops will only be distributed weekdays (20 days in total per month).
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