Finlandia University Incoming Housing Form
Finlandia University Housing Policy

All Finlandia University students who are under the age of 21, regardless of academic classification, are required to live in the Finlandia Hall residence hall. Exceptions are made for students residing with a parent or legal guardian within a 30-mile radius of campus, students who have successful completed and documented 48 or more credit hours prior to the add/drop deadline of the fall semester (post high school graduation); are married and/or have joint or full physical custody or overnight visitation rights of minor child/(ren); have prior or concurrent military service, or have medical conditions in which the University cannot accommodate.

Answer the following questions to better assist the Residential Life Staff in making room assignments.
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If you would like to request a particular roommate, please do so below. Both students must enter each other's name for the roommate request to be considered.
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Are you interested in living in a Single-Gender wing?
A single gender wing is a wing designated for either male or female residents.
Are you interested in living in a gender neutral suite?
A gender neutral suite is comprised of two rooms that share a bathroom where residents of any gender may reside. No resident will be assigned to a gender neutral living situation without his or her expressed consent.
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Do you prefer to live on the 24 - hour quiet floor?
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Alcohol Use (Reminder: Finlandia University is a dry campus)
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Are you a student athlete? If so, which sport(s)
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Are you interested in living with an international student?
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Is there any other information that would be helpful for the Residential Life Staff to know? This includes, but is not limited to any preexisting emotional, health, learning, or physical conditions that may require special housing accommodations? If yes, please explain below.
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