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Grade level this coming schoolyear 2022-2023 *
If you are a new student, what is the name of your previous school?
What is the address of your previous school?
What is your Learner Resource Number (LRN). This is the 12 digit number issued by DepEd found in your child's report card or school ID. If you don't have one yet, just write "0" *
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As the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the above-named child (hereinafter referred to as the “Student”), I/we enroll the Student in Kids World Integrated School for the school year 2022-2023 and agree to the terms and policies of Kidsworld Integrated School. *
Mode of Payment (choose one only. there are no monthly or trimester terms for those who enroll under the homeschool modality. its either you pay in full or in 2 installments only. *
If i choose to pay monthly, I agree to settle the payment on or before the 5th of each month otherwise I will have to pay an add on 2% interest as penalty. *
For new students, I agree to pay the application fee of Php 500.00 upon enrollment. *
For our old and new students, I agree to pay  a miscellaneous fee on top of the tuition fee depending on the chosen learning modality *
For students outside the country, I agree to pay the Php 1,500.00 international student fee on top of the tuition fees and the miscellaneous fee depending on the chosen modality. *
For new students that have special needs and require assessment prior to acceptance into the program,  you are  required to pay the evaluation fee of Php 3,000.00. *
For students that require modification during the course of the school year, you are required to pay the IEP fee of Php 22,000.00 *
Does your child have learning needs? *
If yes, kindly indicate diagnosis
Tuition is Due as Scheduled Above: I/We understand and agree that no student records shall be released if the Student’s tuition is not paid in full as stated above. Notwithstanding any other provisions contained herein, in the event of a default in the payment as scheduled above, interest shall be added to the unpaid fee. *
To monitor your child’s progress, you are required to submit the class record, grading sheets and student’s portfolio to us on a quarterly or per semester basis. *
The fees for the homeschooling program are NON-REFUNDABLE so the parents/guardians will not get anything back should they decide to withdraw from the program. *
Should we decide to drop from the program, a letter must be submitted in writing by the parents/guardians and this must be signed and submitted to the Registrar’s office. *
I agree that Non-compliance with any of the provisions mentioned above will automatically cancel enrollment in the program. *
We have fully read and understood the Terms & Conditions and hereby agree to comply with them. *
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