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Information Regarding Subject Selection
- For Grades 8 and 9, students must choose between Afrikaans FAL and IsiZulu FAL. All other subjects are compulsory.
- Only students who speak IsiZulu as their home language, or those who have completed IsiZulu as a First Additional
Language in preceding years may offer IsiZulu.
- Please consider the subject selection for Grade 10 students carefully as changes after the beginning of Grade 11 are not
permitted in the new curriculum.
- The FET (Grade 10 - 12) Syllabus requires seven subjects for this phase, four of which are compulsory and three
- Grade 10 students may consider a 4th elective, (at the cost of a single subject) which can be dropped in Grade 11 and
- Should a student take more than 7 subjects for Matric, there will be an additional IEB exam cost per additional subject.
- The selection of Physical Science will be subject to achieving a minimum mark of 50% in Mathematics at the end of
Grade 9
- Mathematics is a requirement for the selection of Physical Science.
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