Poinsettia Order
Fairlington's Sanctuary will be decorated with poinsettias on Sunday December 23rd through Christmas Eve. You are invited to purchase any number of poinsettias and indicate a memorial or dedication for the people you want to honor with these flowers. A list of those honored will be included in the bulletin on the 24th.

You may choose to take your plants home after worship on Christmas Eve or designate them to be delivered a member of our church family. In lieu of ordering a plant, you may choose to make an offering to the Pastor's Discretionary Fund (PDF) to help those in need in our church and in the local community.

If you are interested in helping deliver a poinsettia to someone on our care list, please email the office at office@fairlingtonumc.org or call 703-671-8557. You will be contacted. Poinsettias may be picked up for delivery after the 11:00 worship service on Dec. 23rd and can be delivered anytime during Christmas week.

The information below will be collected by the church office. Place your check in the offering plate on Sunday (memo: poinsettia) or send your check to FUMC, 3900 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22302. If you have questions call the church office at 703-671-8557. The plants are $15 each. Merry Christmas!

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