Sign up for Open Mic Inn' at Herberg Macharius!
Thanks so much for being here! We love you for it!!

Fill in the form below to sign up for our next open mic.

Please note:

Signing up doesn’t automatically mean that you have a spot. 
We will inform everyone two weeks before showtime about who plays.

New acts to Open Mic Inn have an advantage to get on stage. 
We are thrilled that so many people want to play, so we want to give everyone a fair chance.

We only decide the line-up for the coming event, not for later editions. If you want to sign up for a later edition, you can always leave a comment in this google form or wait with signing up until later!

A few rules:

Everyone’s allowed to play 3 songs
All performances must be in a semi-acoustic setting. No amps!
We encourage you to play your own material. So maximum 1 cover!
Doors open at 7. We expect the signed-up artists at 8pm at the latest for a sound check and a chat. if you're not there or don’t send us a message, you lose your spot!

Technical specs:
A piano
Plenty of mics
Enough inputs in our mixer to plug-in your guitars.

Don't forget to promote your gig at the Open Mic Inn'! The artists make the audience! Come along, play, listen, drink, have fun! Do it!

All performers will be rewarded with a drink on the house!
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Set-up (instruments, please let us know if you want to use an instrument that can not be amped) *
Around what time would you like to play? We'll try to respect everyone's wishes as much as possible. Change of schedule is always a possibility. *
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