Let's Schedule A Free Call To Make Sure The Art Of Good Business Is Right For You...
The GOAL of this call is to make sure my training program, The Art Of Good Business, is a perfect fit for you BEFORE signing up!

You must fit this criteria to be eligible for this free call:
1) You own your floral design business.
2) You want to learn how to market your business & IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITE.
3) You value work-­life balance.
4) You are committed to your business and want to overcome your fears in order to be successful.
5) You are genuinely interested in seeing what it's like to be coached by me so that we can talk about working together and you will be excited when we talk about that on the call.

If you fit this criteria, then CONGRATS! You are eligible to receive a free consultation call.
I'll e-mail you within 48 hours business hours to schedule a call.

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What days/times work best for you to commit to a 30 minute call? ie a time when you're at your desk (or someplace else that's quiet) and not multi-tasking! PLEASE note what time zone you are in.
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Here's how the call will work:
1. We'll start by quickly catching up and getting to know each other (I like to be get to know the people I do
business with).
2. I will ask you to share something that's working in your business, something we can celebrate (I like to set
the stage for a positive call).
3. We will talk about what's going on in your business right now and what your goals are.
4. I will help you get clearer on what your next steps are.
5. You will ask me any questions you have about those steps, so I can make sure you leave the call 100%
able to implement.
6. We will talk about how we can continue to work together, either inside The Art Of Good Business or via specific courses I know will be helpful to you.
7. I will send you a recap of our call via email.

I look forward to learning more about you!
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