On Screen C1 - English - Environmental Crime Investigator
Read the article carefully and answer the questions as instructed.
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Before you start reading the text, check these words: borough, oozing, knotted, shed, heap, meticulous, split, leaking, till receipts, offender, bugbear, tenant, obediently, haul, disown, nappy, sack, yield, inexplicably
Read the text to find out what is it about. Then read the missing sentences and identify the main points in each. Read the text again and pay attention to the meaning of the passage before and after each gap. Look for contextual, lexical and grammatical clues which help you infer the writer's attitude, mood or intention in order to recognise the connection to what came before the missing sentence or anticipate what will come next.
Environmental Crime Investigator - Read the text to find out
Read the text. Six sentences (A-H) have been removed from the text. Choose from A-H the one which fits each gap. There are two extracts you don't need to use. One has been done as an example. 1-D *
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A. Henry gestures to the sacks and waves the man.
B. She outlines the rules for waste disposal and tells him the case is closed.
C. She obediently hauls six of the sacks back on to her drive but disowns another two that have burst open, leaving dirty nappies and rotting food onto the pavement.
D. Her albums feature meticulous portraits of bin liners split and leaking, graffitied obscenities on walls and rotting furniture.
E. There was a lack of evidence to charge them.
F. It was shopping trolleys that propelled Henry into her current career six years ago.
G. Henry bustles up, charming smile in place and listens amiably, but the man is less than helpful.
H. Someone reported a car registration number which we traced, then found till receipts which led back to the shop.
You can listen to the article to check for pronunciation! https://drive.google.com/open?id=172nkmFzWrldQVZXH5Vx2VukthTOAv_Ef
Match the highlighted words in the text to the meanings below. (Move the cursor to see all the options) *
20 points
too early
strong smell
negative consequences
accurate and strong
thrown away
friendly light-hearted conversation
said to have happened
fallen appart
Row 3 stench
Row 5 collapsed
Row 15 sound
Row 24 repercussions
Row 26 disposed of
Row 31 chit chat
Row 34 alleged
Row 40 rummaging
Row 44 permaturely
Row 46 obstruction
Text Analysis
In your own words, answer the questions according to the information in the text.
1. What kinds of clues does Patricia look for when searching for the perpetrator of a crime? *
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2. How do you think Patricia might follow up each of the cases mentioned in the article? *
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3. What do you think are the main skills necessary for Patricia's job? *
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ICT- Do some research online about other 'green jobs' that help the environment. Choose one job and make notes about what the job entails and how it helps the environment. *
5 points
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Background information According to the United Nations Environment Programme, green jobs include "work in agricultural, manufacturing, and service activities that contribute sustainability to preserving or restoring environmental quality. Specifically, but not exclusively, this includes jobs that help to protect ecosystems and biodiversity; reduce energy, materials, and water consumption through high-efficiency strategies; de-carbonise the economy; and minimise or altogether avoid the generation of all the forms of waste and pollution.
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