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• In consideration of acceptance of the Enrollment Registration and Policy Form by the School, I agree to pay the required fees that are due on or before December 15   (Winter Registration);  May 15  (Summer Registration), as specified below:

- The Reservation Deposit $200 (For Quarter payment Term only) and $60 registration.

- The reservation deposit will be applied to the coming academic year.

• Tuition fees can be paid either quarterly or yearly.
- The school quarters breakdown is as follows: 
1st Quarter is from January  to middle of March, 10 classes (Winter Registration); August to middle of October, 10 classes (Summer Registration); 

2nd Quarter is from the 3rd week of March to the end of May, 10 classes (Winter Registration)3rd week of October to end of December, 10 classes (Summer Registration);

3rd Quarter is from August to the middle of October, 10 classes (Winter Registration); January to mid of March, 10 classes (Summer Registration);

4th quarter is from the 3rd week of October to the end of December, 10 classes, (Winter Registration); 4th quarter is from the 3rd week of March to end of May, 10 classes (Summer Registration);

- The applicant will pay in total $1,600 for the visual arts tuition for the school year. If the applicant chooses to pay by quarter, each quarter will be $400.


- For the design courses specified above, the applicant will pay in total between $ 2,500 and up to $3600, depending on the levels (10 months) for the specified design course tuition for the school year. If the applicant chooses to pay by quarter, fees between  $625, up to $900 per quarter (10 classes). Depending on the levels.

• I understand that my obligation to pay the fees for the full academic year is unconditional, no portion of the fees paid will be refunded, or fees then outstanding will be canceled in the event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal from the school of the above applicant.

• ABSENCES AND MAKE‐UPS: Student(s) or parent(s)/guardian(s) must notify SKA, 2 days in advance if a student is to miss class or schedule a make-up class. No Credit/Refund will be given for missed classes. Each student will only be given the opportunity to make up 3 classes per quarter, no exceptions. Parents and students are also expected to be punctual. The schedules of the classes are fixed. Students must be in class 5 minutes before class starts for material preparation and parents should pick-up students from the school within 10 minutes after class is dismissed.

• ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments are exercises and/ or tasks assigned or allotted by the school instructors to fulfill art related education to every Student at SKA Academy, students can not apply any content of the assignments in any format against SKA Academy’s responsibility for any reason including but not limited to, religious, custom, cultural practice etc.

• BEHAVIOR: We intend for every Student entering our School to have fun while at the same time, respecting the rights of others. This means disruptive or abusive behavior is not accepted. Poor behavior may result in dismissal with no refund. Students are encouraged to
have fun as long as the fun is not at the expense of others. When an Instructor determines a Student’s behavior is disruptive to the class He/ She may require the Student to sit out of activities until Instructor determines the Student is ready to continue. If the Instructor deems it appropriate, the Student may be asked to leave class for the remainder of the session. The instructor will inform the Program Director of the behavior and the Program Director will discuss the issue with the Parent. Further, SKA reserves the right to terminate lessons to any Student(s) without notice; in such a case a refund for unused lessons/camps will not be given.

• INCLEMENT WEATHER/SNOW DAY CLOSINGS: In the event of unsafe road conditions and extreme inclement weather, classes may be cancelled. SKA does not
automatically follow local public school closings, but closings will be posted on There will be a makeup schedule for any SKA closings due to weather/snow days. Should school be cancelled due to inclement weather, make-up classes will be provided without any cost.

• HOLIDAYS: Please refer to SKA Calendar for specific closing dates, holidays and special events.

• POLICY UPDATES: From time to time SKA may find it necessary to update or refine this Enrollment Registration and Policy Form and the policies contained herein. Account holders will be notified in writing via email or letter of any change in policy.

• GENERAL LIABILITY RELEASE: In consideration of receiving instruction at the School, I hereby waive, release, and discharge the School, its officers, directors, employees, agents, successors, predecessors, sponsors, legal representative and assigns, from all present and future claims and liabilities of any kind for injuries to my child which are not the result of gross
negligence by the School, whether for bodily injury, property damage, or other loss, arising out of Student participation in Visual Art exhibition, field trip, outdoor/indoor event, related activities, including but not limited to instruction, rehearsals, and performances, whether conducted on or off the School premises. I further agree to indemnify the School all damages to person or property caused by my child.

• I understand that in signing this Enrollment Registration and Policy Form for the coming
academic year, I am agreeing to accept all rules and regulations of the School and the rule
concerning payment of the fees as referred to above.
• Enrollment, as specified within this Enrollment Registration and Policy Form, may be canceled in writing, without penalty with 1 month notice (Reservation Deposit will be refunded with at least 1 month notice). If enrollment is canceled less than 1-month notice, I understand that I will remain obligated to pay the full tuition. (Reservation Deposit will not be refunded)

• This Enrollment Registration and Policy Form shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia.

• The School shall have the right to legal action for collection of school fees and parents will be responsible for all costs of collection, including court expenses and reasonable attorney’s fee.

• I acknowledge that I am responsible for delivering the Student to the school and picking her/him up, or arranging appropriate transportation, and that the School is not responsible for a child that leaves the premises.

• I further give permission for the Student to be video taped and/or photographed during but not limited to performances sponsored by the Studio throughout the year.

• I give permission for the School to use videos or images of Student in promotional materials, including but not limited to flyers, newspapers, publications, mailers, brochures, websites and in‐studio displays. 

I have read the SKA registration policies and understand there are no credits or refunds for missed classes & other policies stated on the web site. I give my permission for myself or my child to receive emergency medical treatment. I agree that photos of my child or me may be used to accompany artwork and publications including website.  SKA Students Policy. 

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