ARCON APRN Registration Form
****(Send proof of payment, with PDF of project drawings - this is best done by attaching them as a reply to the response you get when you submit this form. You may also mail them to - NOTE THAT FROM 1st SEPTEMBER 2017 YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ATTACH A COPY OF YOUR PRACTICE LICENCE WITH YOUR SUBMISSION

The ARCON Project Registration Number (APRN) is a mandatory registration number issued to all architects practising in Nigeria, for each of their projects, to certify that these projects are being executed by Nigerian citizens, who are fully registered and financially current architects. Only fully registered and financially current architects and firms are eligible to prepare, produce and submit architectural building plans for approvals/ implementation - and to receive those approvals when they are given. The client is to allow for the acquisition of APRN registration on all their projects.

1. Only fully registered architects prepare, produce, submit and receive approvals for building designs.
2. Complement the role of stamps, signature and seal.
3. Combat building failure and collapse by eliminating quackery.
4. Ensure that foreign architects work in proper partnerships under Nigerian architects.
5. Ensure copyright protection of the architect's work and eliminate plagiarism.
6. Enable the compilation of statistical data on the Nigerian building industry for national planning.
7. Entrench high standards of professional practice to enhance our global competitiveness.
8. Ensure that architects are also responsible for the supervision of their designs.

1. Fill in the Architects personal details for the architect responsible for stamping/sealing the drawings.
2. Fill in the Architectural Firm's details if the drawings have been produced by firm.
3. Fill in the project details, note the payment required and submit the form.
4. You will receive an auto-response by email with your form details as filled by you.
5. Make payment as detailed below into the appropriate ARCON (Remita) account
6. Reply to the auto-response, attaching a (pdf) set of the project drawings and the payment receipt.
7. Receive APRN Number and Client's Certificate (within 48 hours of compliance)
8. Queries may be mailed to


Single Residential -
Small 1-8 dwelling units N25,000
Medium 9-16 dwelling units N50,000
Large 17+ dwelling units N75,000

Housing Estates -
Small 1-8 buildings N150,000
Medium 9-16 buildings N200,000
Large 17+ buildings N250,000

Commercial / Institutional -
Small 0-3000 sq. m total floor area (including suspended floors) N50,000
Medium 3000-6000 sq. m total floor area (including suspended floors) N100,000
Large 6000+ sq. m total floor area (including suspended floors) N150,000

Click Link for APRN Payment Instructions: (via Remita): -

Click Link for ARCON dues and stamps: (via Remita) -

Account No. for NIA Dues: - Diamond Bank - 00033 34682

(Send proof of payment, with pdf of project drawings - taking care to specify Architect's ARCON No. and project plot No. - This is best done by replying to the response you get when you submit this form)

ARCON Office Abuja:
26, Ajose Adeogun Street,
Off Augustus Aikhomu Street,
Utako Abuja.
(Click link on your smartphone for map directions to ARCON Office: )

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