Toronto Mat Leave Survey
I'm collecting info on Top Up & Maternity Leave benefits in Toronto, and appreciate any information you can share about your current or past employer's benefits.

WHY? The Toronto start up I work at was acquired by a US owned, publicly traded company. With 10 global offices, and $557.1 million annual revenue .... They currently have a ZERO top up policy and ZERO extended family leave beyond gov't EI for the Canadian offices.

As the first pregnant women in the Toronto office, I'm advocating for that to change, and would greatly appreciate your help with any and all info you can provide about either your current employer or past employer's benefit package.

Of course your names/titles etc will never be disclosed, all info will be kept strictly confidential.

Thanks, Ashley

Does your employer offer Mat Leave Top Up
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How much is the Top Up for How Long (ie. 90% for 25 weeks, then 75% for remaining 25 weeks etc).
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