Anna's bIG Intensive Application
The bIG Intensive and UPShift Retreat are by application only.

From this application you will be considered for an online INTENSIVE program with Anna with other small business owners. Or you may be considered for the upcoming UPSHIFT Retreat with Anna and a group of coaches.

We have coached, consulted, and created growth programs for all kinds of brands and businesses. From start ups and beginners to companies grossing ten figures annually. Because the needs vary for businesses in different stages, so do our programs. We want each of our students and clients to get THEIR best success, and have created this quick application to ensure we align candidates appropriately.

The bIG INTENSIVE is a 4-week program for those in the earlier stages of Instagram growth. Maybe you've been on IG for a while and don't know what to do to take your brand and audience to the next level. Or perhaps you have a new business and need to find new customers through IG.This bIG INTENSIVE is ideal for those with less than 10k followers on IG and currently monetizing less than $5k/month. The program is LIVE with Anna through the month of July, 2020. Group meetings held online Thursday evenings. You will also be given assignments, accountability groups, and a coach/mentor. You will finish this Intensive with a CLEAR plan to growth and action. This is NOT a course that will sit on your computer. This is a HANDS-ON PROGRAM.

The UPSHIFT RETREAT is a very small retreat that will take place in person, as soon as restrictions allow. We will gather in a beautiful cabin, everything will be catered and taken care of, and you will rediscover your purpose with Anna guiding and mentoring you. This retreat is for business owners with established brands, clear "why" statements, and consistent income (six-figures annually +), but ready to UPSHIFT to the next gear. This is not a fluffy retreat. This is a bust-through-the-glass-ceiling retreat for those who are ready to take charge and SHIFT UP!

**For those in the Service Industry, check the box below to get details on an upcoming program designed specifically for service professionals. This one is going to be BANANAS amazing with Anna and a partner in the Service Industry that has been changing everything for the better.**

Please note, based on applications, we may not be able to find a spot for everyone, but we will continue to offer programs in the future. If you are not placed in the upcoming programs, do not give up hope and please apply again. We have found the greatest success for our students and clients in smaller group sizes and want YOU to get the best offering.

We cannot wait to get started and to hear more about you!

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Tell us why you would like to be part of Anna's Business Programs. What goals do you have? What changes are you hoping will come from these programs? Share with us more about you and what you need most for growth. Thank you for applying and being part of our community. We are excited to know more about and how to help you!
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