Application for BUSI2812 Internship Course (Spring / Summer 2020)
Please note that your submission will be forwarded to the respective company and that it may take a few days before you hear back from the company.

Please also note that having completed this form does not guarantee you a spot in the BUSI2812 SVM course. You will need to be accepted by the company you have applied to - who may request an interview - and thereafter (once accepted) you shall fill out the course registration, which will be sent to you by the company when they offer you the position.

This form also allows you to apply for the SVM conducted in summer semester which is available to all full-time HKU students (exchange students cannot be admitted to this course). When you apply you will be required to attend a sessions with the course instructors to assess your suitability to the program overseas (Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan). If you decide to do the course in Hong Kong, you will need to be admitted by the company that offers opportunities in June as stated further in this application.

You can take the SVM course either in regular (fall / spring) or during summer semester. One student cannot take part in the program twice (e.g. if you did SVM in spring or fall you cannot apply for the summer semester and vice-versa).
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