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Below you can find most details for the jobs at Verboten. Please note all jobs are on a temp/event basis.
KV runs every 3rd Saturday of the month. All jobs are of course paid, we don't know details quite yet as this is the venues' responsibility but we are pushing for a decent rate! ♥️

Current Positions
▇ ▇ Cloakrooms [8.30pm to 6.30am]
We run two very busy cloakrooms on the night. Guest arrive between 10.30pm - 1.00am the latest and start leaving around 3 am. Our aim is to make life as easy as possible for everyone on this job. We are getting. Currently, we are rebuilding the cloakroom setup for the venue - no flimsy paper tags, no cheap hangers :)

▇ ▇ Bars [9.00pm to 6.30am]
The bars get very busy in particular at the beginning of the night. We serve basic bottled drinks, mixers and 3-4 very basic cocktails. Since the bar is owned by the venue and we only provide the crew to run it, we are in need of people with a critical eye. Someone that can spot things getting busy early to help us to be prepared for a hassle free and fun night.

▇ ▇ Stewards [9.30pm to 1.00am]
We are looking for people to help our guest with directions between 10.30 to 1.30 am outside the venue either in person or via message/calls through our dedicated phone line. We also operate a shuttle bus to the venue that you may need to coordinate. In the morning hours of the event, you may assist guests with booking local cabs on the way home.

▇ ▇ Doors [10.00pm to 1.30am]
Door jobs might require you to check guests in, verify their tickets, -identity or outfit or just plainly cover guests phones camera with a sticker on arrival. Most essential, however, it is required that you are outspoken and not afraid of rejecting people entry, in a nice and friendly way, if they seem to have arrived at the wrong party ;)

▇ ▇ Crew [11.00am to 9pm]
KV has a strong focus on AV production, therefore a technical background and many years of experience in the fields of in-house or road crew may be required. However, sometimes we are also looking for additional hands for small non-creative work while setting up. If you are fast, not afraid of ladders and handy with tools give us a shout!

Please note that we do not have positions for photographers, performers, live acts, DJs, decorators, set designers, event organizers, security or CEOs.

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