2017-2018 Goal Annual Report
This is our end of the year Goal Report! We want to know about your progress and celebrate your successes. Please fill out the following questions fully and to the best of your knowledge. The time period relevant to this report is July 1, 2017 to present.

Directions: Tutors, help your students fill this out. Required questions will be marked with a red asterisk. The survey will not let you proceed without answering all required questions. A goal report must be filled out for each active student. (Tutors, if you have multiple students, please help each student fill one out.) To submit the Goal Report, complete all sections. On the final page (page 6) there will be a "Submit" button to press.

All Goal Reports are due by JUNE 8TH. Completing the survey on time will enter you and your student's name into a gift card drawing. Thanks!

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