Student Chorus Syllabus Questionnaire
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Do you understand that there is a $20 Chorus Fee for each class you participate in.  This fee applies to each semester you are in chorus because you will get new music for each class, each semester. This includes a music packet for you to keep? If you are unable to provide this entire fee, any amount would be appreciated. Scholarships are available upon request from your parent/guardian. *
Do you have any questions about the Chorus Fee?If so, you may ask it here.
The PERFORMANCE at the end of each semester is required by the Georgia Standards of Excellence and is  part of the summative category of grades. This performance, in addition to the final portfolio, will be 40% of your final grade.  Please see dates listed on the syllabus and make sure you are present for these performances. If you miss a concert (for any reason), you will have the opportunity to  complete a performance make-up assignment. Do you understand that these are required performances? *
Do you have any questions about the required Performances? If so, you may ask them here.
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