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Great! Manitoba Governmental legislative procedure allows citizens to register to speak at an all part committee on each bill.

Your time to speak will be 10 min and then you will be asked questions.

Committees sit 6pm-12am. Once you register to speak you will get a minimum of 2 days notice of the meeting.

You will be presenting via Zoom. A zoom link will be sent to you by 5:00 pm on the day of the meeting.There is a mute button that they can use to silence you if you stray from their interpretation of procedure.

Sometimes you have an overview of the whole room and sometimes you can only see the Chair. When another member of the committee asks a question, then they are on camera.

The Chair is a member of the PC Party so they are not a neutral party. All members of the committee are allowed to ask you questions.

Though we may not be able to sway some of the people on the committee, your words will go down in history so that when they look back at this era, they know we did not just sit idly by.

If you are good to go you can register with the clerk by calling 204 945-3636. If you have any questions or would like more info we could work together to make this happen.

By filling out the form below and/or joining us on Gather Thursday April 1st at noon we can support each other and work together to represent our collective concerns.

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