Early Entry For BitF 2019
This form must be completed before noon July 1st 2019.

****Please note this form is only good for one individual for each completed form. Please do not try to put multiple people on your form. One form per unique person, please.*****

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Theme camps and art projects: I understand that if I am the first person to get on site from my camp or art project, that I must check in with On Site Placement. *
I understand that BitF is a no "ins and outs" event. *
Do you need to exit and return to the event prior to Wednesday at 2pm? If so, you must fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe-89fJJyrvzzQSGsSe42mXtMp98pxREZgit45N97q4tw765Q/viewform *
I understand that although I am coming in early, I am expected to park in my theme camp, or in the parking area according to the parking policy which will be posted on www.burnintheforest.com *
I understand that Early Access is granted to build or prepare projects, or to do shifts related to the production, and that the expectation is that if I am on site early, that I am there to work. *
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