HolyMama Booking Form Autumn 2017
Thank you for your interest in HolyMama and taking the time to fill in this form.

It will help us make the retreat fit your personal needs.

All your answers are strictly confidential.

If you haven't already, please check the accomodation page (http://www.holy-mama.com/accommodation/) for photos of houses and retreat details.

Once we've received your form, we will send you your quote and details for payment within 72 hours.

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In case your preferred date is no longer available we will let you know within 72 hours. Please do not book any flights until you have paid your deposit and your reservation has been confirmed.
In case this option isn't available please state your second choice.
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Please select your accommodation preference.
You can check the photos and details here (http://www.holy-mama.com/accommodation/) In case your first choice is no longer available we will get in touch within 72 hours and offer you another option. Please wait for the confirmation before booking any flights.
How would you assess your yoga level or experience?
This is only important to us in order to prepare the yoga teachers. Don't worry if you are rusty or a beginner.
If you have a yoga practice, what style do you like?
You can also add whether you self practise.
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Do you have experience with seated meditation?
If yes, please explain which technique you use and how often
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Any injuries or things we should know about (medications, illnesses etc)?
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Have you been on any yoga retreats before?
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What do you expect from your HolyMama retreat?
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Anything you're struggling with and would like to work on at the retreat?
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How would you like to feel on the retreat?
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What do you hope to walk away from the retreat with?
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What is your child's name (if more than one child add)?
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How old will your child be at the time of the retreat?
If you are bringing two children, please state both ages
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What is your child's mother tongue?
In the case of more languages understood/spoken please state
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Do you or your child have any food allergies, intolerances or dietary requirements?
We will ask for more details closer the date plus children's food likes/dislikes.
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Is your child used to being separated from you and looked after by other people?
Please add details by whom and how often?
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Would you like the childcare upgrade?
Undivided attention from one carer usually helps children with separation issues. We recommend this for babies who are very small and on individual schedules or toddlers not used to being separated from mum. Our child-carer ratio in the group is 2:1, which is very high. However it is all new surroundings and a break from daily routinue. You know your child better than anyone. The upgrade is 350 Euros. It helps us to know if you'd like this option as far as much in advance as possible.
What are your sleeping requirements?
As we don't have the capacity to store this amount of baby beds/extra single beds we need to hire them from a local company in Ibiza. All the below prices include delivery.
I'd like to increase what HolyMama gives on my behalf to TreeSisters who are reforesting the tropical belt of trees to pull carbon out of the atmosphere.
How would you like to pay?
Please state your preferred currency and method of payment. We use Paypal for credit card transactions, as they are well established and reliable. However they do charge 6% commission which is added to the client's bill. Our Paypal account is in Swiss Francs.
How did you find out about HolyMama
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Anything else you would like to tell us or ask?
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Please read the Terms + Conditions (http://www.holy-mama.com/terms-conditions). By checking this box you are acknowledging the Terms + Conditions and understand the policies regarding the retreat.
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