2019 Racket Week Housing
During Racket Week, we have arranged for housing at the University of Utah dorms. Specifically, the dorms will be in Benchmark Plaza in 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom units. A layout rendering is available at the following URL:


It is available only for attendees of the How to Design Languages workshop and the Beautiful Racket workshop. However, attendees may stay through RacketCon.

Attendees are welcome to arrive the day before their workshop and leave the day after their workshop.

The cost is $40 per night.

After you fill out this form, send your housing fees to Racket via the instructions on this site:


Then forward the confirmation to Jay McCarthy <jay@racket-lang.org>

Email address *
Are you a registered attendee of the HtDL or BR workshops? *
What category of dorm room will you need? *
The rooms are in 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom suites and are categorized in the following ways by the University of Utah.
What is the first night you will stay at the dorm? *
What is the last night you will stay at the dorm? *
Have you submitted the housing fee and forwarded the confirmation to Jay McCarthy? *
It is $40 per night.
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