Debate Development Initiative (DDI) Cycle 5 (2016-2017) - Application Form
This should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. Thank you for your interest!

Please note that we cannot accept home-schooled individuals, as DDI is primarily based on giving back to schools. For homeschooler enquiries, contact us and we can direct you to appropriate programmes.
1) Personal Details
Full Name *
As per NRIC.
NRIC Number *
For non-Singaporeans, please fill in a Foreign Identification Number (FIN).
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Format: DD/MM/YYYY
Year in School *
We regrettably cannot accept any applications from anyone currently enrolled in a Junior College, Polytechnic or equivalent institute of post-secondary study.
E-mail Address *
Please use the e-mail you check most regularly. Preferably Gmail as it facilitates case preparation.
Contact Number *
Give us a contact you can definitely be reached at for us to call or SMS you for interview - preferably your handphone.
2) Debate Experience
Due to space constraints, priority will be given to students from schools which do not have extensive debate resources or strong alumni support. This is because schools which do have these resources available to them already run training programmes of comparable quality.

We are of course still very interested in involving you in facilitating camps for younger debaters, and other such community leadership and involvement opportunities. Please get in touch with us to talk!
School *
Where you are currently enrolled as of 2016.
Division in SSDC *
Give us a brief list of your debate achievements. *
Include: competitions you've participated in, any team or speaker awards you've won, any leadership posts, or community involvement. Please be reassured that a lack of achievements WILL NOT undermine your application in any way - it is just for us to tailor training to your level, if you are accepted.
3) Personal Response
Tell us a bit more about yourself as a person.
Tell us a bit about your other pursuits in school. *
Include: other activity groups you participate in or leadership positions held, academic awards if any, etc. Don't write longer than a paragraph or two! (Note that, as above, lack of "achievements" and/or not holding "leadership positions" will not be undermine your application.
What are your hobbies and/or intellectual interests? What makes you tick as a person? *
Don't write longer than a paragraph or two!
Is there a global or local issue you are particularly passionate about? Why? *
Don't write longer than a paragraph or two!
4) References
As per DDI policy, only your teacher-in-charge may refer you. If you don't have one, please approach a relevant form teacher or school authority.
Name of Teacher-in-Charge *
Please notify your teacher in charge before applying. Otherwise, it might be a bit of a shock for them when we contact them for a referral.
What is your teacher's e-mail address? *
What is your teacher's contact number? *
5) Privacy Disclaimer
Acceptance of Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Disclaimer *
By submitting this registration form, I hereby consent to the collection and use of the personal data below for the sole purpose of application for the Debate Development Initiative 5th Cycle (2016-2017). I understand that I may withdraw this consent expressly at any time except to the extent that action has been taken in reliance upon it.
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