Deepen Your Tai Chi Practice
This amazing community increasingly asks for ways to deepen their practice, improve their tai chi, and have tai chi dramatically impact on their lives. I am thinking about writing a book to help us all advance in a positive direction. Please take two minutes to share your thoughts and I will commit to creating something to help you deepen your practice. If you are interested, leave your email at the end. I may reach out to you to talk to get a clearer idea of what you need!
Why do you practice tai chi or qi gong? What is the primary thing you want to get out of it?
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What are you struggling with?
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How interested would you be in these books?
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Tai Chi Basics - This would be a book that would tie our practice to tangible gains in our lives and share tips and insights to improve practice.
Similarities between tai chi , qi gong, and the major world religions. This would be a book about the similarities and shared pursuits of every spiritual tradition in the world.
Internal Development - This would be a book about the dan tiens, meridian and acupuncture points, the endocrine system, what it going on inside us and how tai chi positively impacts our health.
If I had a book that would immediately improve your life, what would it help you do?
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