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Please complete this form if you are interested in volunteering to perform anonymous stories at our February Anonymous Open Mic.

Volunteering will entail reading or performing short stories, poems, spoken word pieces, or quotes submitted anonymously by people affected by mental illness in Pittsburgh. Performances will take place in front of a live audience.

Please direct any additional questions to

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Would you like to read or perform submissions only received in advance (at least one week before the event), submissions submitted at the event itself (15 minute prep time), or both? *
By agreeing to participate in Anonymous Open Mic, you are committing to perform someone's personal story in a respectful and authentic manner. The person whose story you are performing may be in attendance or watching online. *
Performing a story about someone's experience with mental illness may be upsetting, triggering, or traumatic. Content warnings will be included on all relevant stories. By agreeing to perform, you are expected to communicate your comfort level and ability to perform any stories assigned to you, and you are free to refuse any stories that may be upsetting, triggering, or traumatic for you. *
Your performance(s) may be photographed, recorded, or live-streamed on Inside Our Minds social media accounts. *
As a volunteer, you are also free to submit your own anonymous story. In the spirit of the event, we ask that you do not perform your own story, if submitted. *
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