Petition for Funding for the School of Computing
At this time, there are far too many students for the number of professors who can teach. This not only makes it difficult for students to get into required classes due to limited seats; it will also make it harder for students to find professors to work with for the Capstone projects or thesis work most students need to complete their degrees. 

Currently, the expected class sizes of future incoming years are expected to stay very large. While this is necessary to sustain the growing interest in Computer Science, we require more support from the Faculty of Arts and Science to ensure that Computing students are supported by a sufficient number of staff now and in the future.

To address this issue, COMPSA has launched this petition to convince the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to allocate more funding to the School of Computing for more professors and other resources that we are in dire need of. Filling out this petition will help to make the faculty more aware of the needs of Computing students, allowing us to move forward with this issue and implement possible solutions.

Please add your signature to this petition if you feel that the School of Computing requires more funding for Computing students to be adequately supported now and in the future. To count as an official signature, you must add both your name and student number as shown in the response section below.

Please note that this petition and the information provided within it will be shared with the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, as well as any other parties that the Computing Students Association may need to share it with so we can properly advocate for this cause.

Additionally, if you would like to share how your experiences at Queen's have been affected by under-staffing caused by the SoC's lack of funds, feel free to fill out this Student Experience with Understaffing form. You can choose to detail your experiences while remaining completely anonymous, and it will help us better advocate for the needs of Computing students during our discussions with the faculty of Arts and Science.
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