Application to 2019 United States Chess Schools
Use this form to apply for the 2019 U.S. Chess School Camps. The following are the rating minimums we are looking for in order to attend these camps. Girls may apply if they are 100 points lower than the ratings below, in order to promote diversity at our camps.

USCS 48: Minimum rating 2000
USCS 49: Minimum Rating 2100
USCS 50: Minimum Rating 2300
USCS 51: Minimum Rating 2200

The camps are free of cost for all students. The students will be responsible for travel costs and lodging/food. The only exception is that lodging is provided in Saint Louis camps.

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Feel free to provide any extra information that will help us make our decision. For example you can talk about national titles, study habits, any other accomplishments or reasons that you or your child would be a great camper!
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