Joining Fusion Pro Wrestling
Thank you for being interested in joining FPW. Before we can look into accepting you to join, we need to ask you a few questions so that we can accept you. Once we have received your application, we will contact you in-world to discuss your application.
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What is your name in Second Life? *
Please use your legacy name (login name) rather than your display name so we can contact you. If we are not able to find your name in Second Life, we may be unable to contact you.
What is your Discord Tag?
We primarily communicate using Discord and in some instances, it's easier for us to try and contact you via Discord instead of in Second Life.
Which of the following roles are you interested in performing in Fusion Pro Wrestling? *
What is your gender in Second Life? *
Do you use voice in Second Life? *
Can you speak/write in English fluently? *
Can you make our weekly show on Thursday at 4PM SLT? *
What Time Zone do you live in?
This will help our team to figure out what time of the day might be best to contact you.
Have you ever been involved in a Second Life professional wrestling promotion before? *
If you answered yes, can you please state which groups you have been involved with.
Where did you hear about Fusion Pro Wrestling? *
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