Elementary Electives
Course Overview: Introduction to Coding course, students are taught how to program using the Blockly coding language. With Blockly, everything is done with little building blocks that snap together in an intuitive way. Each block represents a small piece of code that together make an entire program. Coding with blocks allows students to focus on the fundamental principles of coding without the challenging initial learning curve required for traditional programming languages. Students will be led through activities with incrementally more advanced building blocks. Each block is similar in structure to the syntax and style of real world programming languages. As students learn to program by snapping blocks together, they are laying a foundation for more advanced programming languages. Students will learn about conditional statements, loops, and functions.
Course Overview: The Elementary Ecology course, targeted for Grades 2-4 engages students by teaching them the food chain in the context of specific ecosystems. She explores changes to ecosystems and how these changes affect the organisms living there. Exciting virtual field trips help deepen students' understanding of the concepts presented.
Course Overview: This Elementary Engineering course introduces students to the basics of engineering and analyzes the major impact engineers have had on the world as we know it. Students will study each step of the engineering design process, and then put these steps into action. They will practice problem-solving and brainstorming through different design challenges, and will also learn about several fields of engineering that exist today.
The Foundations of Music course develops a foundation for students of what music is, the different instruments in the various families of musical instruments, musical periods, select composers, and musical genres and styles. Course topics include: What is Music? Music Basics; String Family; Percussion Family; Brass Family; Woodwind Family; The Human Voice; Music Ensembles; Musical Periods of Western Music; Musical Styles and Genres; Fundamentals of Music Sound;
This course is designed specifically for Elementary-aged students who need to master English as a second language. Taught by the Discover Method, this course is effective for students of any native tongue whether or not they have any background in English. Discover English incorporates the syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation needed to comprehend English in an everyday environment. Students learning English for the first time will find it a perfect fit, as will ESL students needing extra practice and help. Discover English is ideal in a stand-alone environment or as a supplement for teacher instruction in the classroom in a blended learning environment.
This course is designed for students seeking a mastery of Spanish as a second language. The course is taught by the Discover Method, making it the right choice for students of any native tongue having little or no Spanish background. Discover Spanish incorporates the syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation needed to comprehend Spanish in an everyday environment. This course is ideal for students learning Spanish for the first time, or for a student needing extra practice and help improving their understanding of the Spanish language. Discover Spanish can be used in a stand-alone environment or to supplement teacher instruction in the classroom in a blended learning environment.
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