Teen Issues Survey
Grade Level
What do you think is the most important issue that today's teens have to deal with?
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What factors do you feel contributes most to negative teen choices?
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From your perspective, please rank the following issues in order of their significance for today's teens?
Abuse (Physical, Sexual, Emotional, or Neglect)
Violence at Home
Violence in the Community
Violence at School
Internet & Gaming Addiction
Texting & Driving
Underage Drinking
Sex/Teen Pregnancy
Illegal/Prescription Drug Use
Single Parent Household
Health Issues (i.e. Obesity, STD's, sleep problems)
Gang Activity
After School Activities
What do you feel public schools could do to better educate teens about the dangers of those issues?
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Do you believe that today's teen are facing more difficult decisions than the teens of other generations? If so, why?
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Do you feel Henderson needs more activities or place for teens to go when school is not in session or on the weekends? If so, what would you like to see in Henderson for teens?
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