A response from Hampshire College community members to attacks on Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
June 1, 2017

We, the undersigned members of the Hampshire College community and other concerned educators, wish to express our deep regret, alarm, and outrage at news of the hate speech and death threats targeting Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor following her commencement speech on our campus on May 20th. We stand opposed to this campaign of hate. We reject and denounce any threats directed at any member of our community or any invited guest, and we stand in solidarity with Professor Taylor.

The Hampshire College community invited Professor Taylor to give the 2017 commencement speech due to our admiration and respect for her critical work and scholarship on issues of racial justice and histories of social and economic inequality. We were delighted and honored that she so generously accepted this invitation. As is expected of any commencement speaker, Professor Taylor addressed, with incisiveness, wisdom, and rigor, the times and world into which a college sends its graduates. Her speech took on this task—a daunting one today—with courage, care, and grace. For a video of her speech, see this link:

For her efforts, she has been subjected to multiple threats of violence rendered in racist, misogynist, and homophobic language. These threats of violence, and the language that accompanies them, are not simply matters of “political disagreement.” These threats and this language constitute hate speech, explicitly designed to terrorize and to silence those posing critical questions about the world we live in. In this particular context, they are also a violation of Professor Taylor’s rights to intellectual freedom and free speech, and the rights of our entire community to the same.

We also wish to underscore that attacks such as those on Professor Taylor are not isolated occurrences. President Trump and his followers have actively participated in inciting violence through tactics of intimidation and hate speech, and through the rhetorical normalization of anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic racism; sexism; transphobia; and heterosexism. In this current climate of bigotry, educational and research institutions have been maliciously targeted and attacked, and the very conditions that make higher education and academic research possible are increasingly under threat.

We will not cease to speak out, in our classrooms, on our campus, in public, and in our work, in defense of intellectual freedom and freedom of speech, and we will continue to work toward the safety and well-being of our community and the guests who share their knowledge with us. We stand with Professor Taylor, and offer her our unconditional appreciation, admiration, and support.

We welcome the support of faculty, staff, students, alums, and other concerned educators to add their names to this letter. (Scroll to the bottom to sign.)


1. Nathalie Arnold Koenings, Faculty, Hampshire College
2. Jennifer Bajorek, Faculty, Hampshire College
3. Mary Bombardier, Staff Member, Hampshire College
4. Laura Greenfield, Faculty, Hampshire College
5. Michele Hardesty, Faculty, Hampshire College
6. Karen Koehler, Faculty, Hampshire College
7. Susana Loza, Faculty, Hampshire College
8. Heather Madden, Faculty, Hampshire College
9. Wilson Valentín-Escobar, Faculty, Hampshire College
10. Michael Lesy, Faculty, Hampshire College
11. Omar Dahi, Faculty, Hampshire College
12. Lynda Pickbourn , Faculty, Hampshire College
13. Mehrene Larudee, Faculty, Hampshire College
14. Teal Van Dyck, Staff Member, Hampshire College
15. Deborah Goffe, Faculty, Hampshire College
16. John Slepian, Faculty, Hampshire College
17. Alana Kumbier, Staff Member, Hampshire College
18. Amy Putnam, Staff Member, Hampshire College
19. Ellie Siegel, Faculty, Hampshire College
20. Mei Ann Teo, Faculty, Hampshire College
21. Natalie Sowell, Faculty, Hampshire College
22. Aaron Berman, Faculty, Hampshire College
23. Natane Halasz, Staff Member, Hampshire College
24. Bonnie Vigeland, Staff Member, Hampshire College
25. Neil A. Young, Staff Member, Hampshire College
26. James Wald, Faculty, Hampshire College
27. Rachel Conrad, Faculty, Hampshire College
28. Chris Tinson, Faculty, Hampshire College
29. Roosbelinda Cárdenas, Faculty, Hampshire College
30. Jennifer Hamilton, Faculty, Hampshire College
31. Monique Roelofs, Faculty, Hampshire College
32. Stephen Dillon, Faculty, Hampshire College
33. Christoph Cox, Faculty, Hampshire College
34. Amy Dryansky, Staff Member, Hampshire College
35. Daniel Altshuler, Faculty, Hampshire College
36. Sara Rafferty, Faculty, Hampshire College
37. Myrna Margulies Breitbart, emeritus Faculty, Hampshire College
38. Kristen Luschen, Faculty, Hampshire College
39. Rachel Ama Asaa Engman, Faculty, Hampshire College
40. Andréa Johnson, Alum, Hampshire College
41. Johanna Fernández, Staff Member, Hampshire College
42. Junko Oba, Faculty, Hampshire College
43. Alana de Hinojosa, Alum, Hampshire College
44. Amy Jordan, Faculty, Hampshire College
45. Billie Mandle, Faculty, Hampshire College
46. Flavio Risech-Ozeguera, Faculty, Hampshire College
47. Kane Stewart, Faculty, Hampshire College
48. Sura Levine, Faculty, Hampshire College
49. Jane Couperus, Faculty, Hampshire College
50. Laura Sizer, Faculty, Hampshire College
51. Wm. Josiah Erikson, Hampshire College
52. Alexis Salas, Faculty, Hampshire College
53. Patricia Montoya, Faculty, Hampshire College
54. Java Vargas, Alum, Hampshire College
55. Bradford Smith, Alum, Hampshire College
56. Jason Drill, Student, Hampshire College
57. Hannah Jones, Student, Hampshire College
58. Jennie Chenkin, Alum, Hampshire College
59. Riley Kleve, Alum, Hampshire College
60. Kimberly Chang, Faculty, Hampshire College
61. Deidre Kelly, Alum, Hampshire College
62. Rory Woodard, Alum, Hampshire College
63. Kira deCoudres, Alum, Hampshire College
64. Michaela Godding, Student, Hampshire College
65. Aurelis Troncoso, Alum, Hampshire College
66. Erin Corbett, Alum, Hampshire College
67. Claudia Hermano, Student, Hampshire College
68. Ezekiel Baskin, Student, Hampshire College
69. Samuel Edwards, Student, Hampshire College
70. Daniel Kojo Schrade, Faculty, Hampshire College
71. Carly Naughton, Alum, Hampshire College
72. Karolina Ware, Student, Hampshire College
73. Dineen O'Rourke, Alum, Hampshire College
74. Eva Rueschmann, Faculty, Hampshire College
75. Sara Rukenstein, Student, Hampshire College
76. Iris Baxter, Alum, Hampshire College
77. Viveca Greene, Faculty, Hampshire College
78. Tobias Goodman, Student, Hampshire College
79. Charlie Dess Wilson, Student, Hampshire College
80. Raphael Sherak, Alum, Hampshire College
81. Jeffrey Bergman, Alum, Hampshire College
82. Sophia Philip, Alum, Hampshire College
83. Mariah Salyer, Alum, Hampshire College
84. Anya Uzo, Student, Hampshire College
85. Emma Leff, Student, Hampshire College
86. Marlem Landa, Alum, Hampshire College
87. Gabriela Palaia, Student, Hampshire College
88. Jennifer Jarvis Parkinson, Alum, Hampshire College
89. Casey Chon, Student, Hampshire College
90. Jennifer Gunter King, Staff Member, Hampshire College
91. Tim Raxworthy, Student, Hampshire College
92. Emily DeSellier, Student, Hampshire College
93. Rachel Rubinstein, Faculty, Hampshire College
94. Yasmine Abulhab, Staff Member, Hampshire College
95. Laura Howard, Student, Hampshire College
96. Will Ryan, Faculty, Hampshire College
97. Deborah Gorlin, Faculty, Hampshire College
98. Sara Webber, Student, Hampshire College
99. Dylan Welch, Student, Hampshire College
100. Micaela Linder, Alum, Hampshire College
101. Katharine Lysander, Alum, Hampshire College
102. Jonathan Gardner, Alum, Hampshire College
103. Naomi Slipp, Alum, Hampshire College
104. Maori Zadok, Alum, Hampshire College
105. Al Futty, Alum, Hampshire College
106. Dan Gilbert, Alum, Hampshire College
107. Morgan Greenstreet, Alum , Hampshire College
108. Seeta Sistla, Faculty, Hampshire College
109. James Kelso, Alum, Hampshire College
110. Asa Needle, Student, Hampshire College
111. Madison Palffy, Alum, Hampshire College
112. Allison Page, Faculty, Hampshire College
113. Alyssa Graham, Student, Hampshire College
114. Yijie Zhu, Student, Hampshire College
115. Matt Weston, former community member, Hampshire College
116. Becky Miller, Faculty, Hampshire College
117. Meghan Long, Alum, Hampshire College
118. Ann Hitchins, Alum, Hampshire College
119. Lisette Medina, Alum, Hampshire College
120. Javiera Benavente, Staff Member, Hampshire College
121. Matthew Newman, Staff Member, Hampshire College
122. Joanna Yas, Alum, Hampshire College
123. Tinsley Galyean, Alum, Hampshire College
124. Jean-François Fraysse, Alum, Hampshire College
125. Kelly Sears, Alum, Hampshire College
126. Anne Pinkerton, Alum, Hampshire College
127. Kelly Anderle, Alum, Hampshire College
128. Daniela Hernandez, Alum, Hampshire College
129. Matthew Lavallee, Student, Hampshire College
130. Leslie Dwight, Alum, Hampshire College
131. Montana Vasquez-Grinnell, Alum, Hampshire College
132. Maximilian Beauchene, Alum, Hampshire College
133. Jane Mezoff, Alum, Hampshire College
134. Jacques Boudreau, Alum, Hampshire College
135. Nathan Rubinfeld, Alum, Hampshire College
136. Cassie Fancher, Alum, Hampshire College
137. Sarah Hart Agudelo, Staff Member, Hampshire College
138. Dot Goldberger, Alum, Hampshire College
139. Leah Grossman, Alum, Hampshire College
140. Sean Cassidy, Student, Hampshire College
141. Lily Holmes, Student, Hampshire College
142. Ezra Teboul, Alum, Hampshire College
143. RC Blackman, Alum, Hampshire College
144. Ivy Vance, Alum, Hampshire College
145. David Sherman, Alum, Hampshire College
146. William MacAdams, Faculty, Hampshire College
147. Daniel Krasner, Alum, Hampshire College
148. Connor Doyle, Alum, Hampshire College
149. Anwyn Gatesy-Davis, Student, Hampshire College
150. Lucy Augustine, Alum, Hampshire College
151. Rene Cruz, Staff Member, Hampshire College
152. Rae Purdom, Alum, Hampshire College
153. Tess Ornstein, Alum, Hampshire College
154. Eva Black, Alum, Hampshire College
155. Matthew Glover, Student, Hampshire College
156. Maddie Williams, Student, Hampshire College
157. Allison Lerman-Gluck, Alum, Hampshire College
158. Talia Adi, Alum, Hampshire College
159. Katie See, Alum, Hampshire College
160. Conner Plunkett, Alum, Hampshire College
161. Thais Guisasola, Alum, Hampshire College
162. Ben Berry, Alum, Hampshire College
163. Joseph Dwyer, Alum, Hampshire College
164. Ira Fay, Faculty, Hampshire College
165. Heather Smith, Alum, Hampshire College
166. Ava Agree, Alum, Hampshire College
167. James Richardson, Alum, Hampshire College
168. Bar Kolodny, Student, Hampshire College
169. Marlene Gerber Fried, Faculty, Hampshire College
170. Alejandro Cuellar, Faculty, Hampshire College
171. Julia Lippman, Alum, Hampshire College
172. Zoey Walls, Alum, Hampshire College
173. Laura Wenk, Faculty, Hampshire College
174. Jocelyn Edens, Staff Member, Hampshire College
175. Forrest Jackson, Alum, Hampshire College
176. Julia Warren, Hampshire College
177. Rachael Stickler, Alum, Hampshire College
178. Norman Holland, Faculty, Hampshire College
179. Kira McCoy, Alum, Hampshire College
180. gabby fluke-mogul, Alum, Hampshire College
181. Harshit Rathi, Alum, Hampshire College
182. Gabriel B Brown, Alum, Hampshire College
183. Will Meyer, Alum, Hampshire College
184. Uditi Sen, Faculty, Hampshire College
185. Sal Migliaccio, Alum, Hampshire College
186. Matt James, Student, Hampshire College
187. Milo Muise, Alum, Hampshire College
188. Holly MacDonald, Alum, Hampshire College
189. Nora Miller, Alum, Hampshire College
190. Baba Hillman, Faculty, Hampshire College
191. Peter Gilford, Faculty, Hampshire College
192. Conor Tomás Reed, CUNY Graduate Center
193. Ilan Stavans, Faculty, Amherst College
194. Matthew J. Countryman, Faculty, University of Michigan
195. Lynn Turner, Faculty, Goldsmiths, University of London
196. Ai Miller, Grad Student, University of Minnesota
197. Leisy Abrego, Faculty, UCLA
198. Alexandro Jose Gradilla, Faculty, CSU Fullerton
199. Sonja Lanehart, Faculty, UTSA
200. Asha Nadkarni, Faculty, UMass Amherst
201. Jose Ornelas, retired
202. Alvaro Huerta, Ph.D., Faculty, Cal Poly Pomona
203. Erica L. Ball, Faculty, Occidental College
204. Lauren van Haaften-Schick, Alum, Cornell University
205. Aurelia Lorena Murga, Faculty, The University of Texas at El Paso
206. Martín Espada, Faculty, University of Massachusetts
207. Jennifer Fronc, Faculty, UMASS Amherst
208. Jennifer Gómez, graduate Student, University of Oregon
209. Lana Dalley, Faculty, California State University, Fullerton
210. Anastasia Pratt, Faculty, SUNY
211. Regine Jean-Charles, Faculty, Boston College
212. Kat McLellan, Staff Member, UMass Amherst
213. Abraham Gutierrez, graduate Student, University of Washington, Seattle
214. Courtney Desiree Morris, Faculty, The Pennsylvania State University
215. Jorell Meléndez-Badillo, Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Connecticut
216. Willie Wright, Faculty, Florida State University
217. Jeanne Theoharis, Faculty, Brooklyn College of CUNY
218. Elisabeth Armstrong, Faculty, Smith College
219. Anita H. Fabos, Colleague, Clark University
220. Anna Schrade, Faculty, Amherst College
221. Mark Guglielmo, Citizen
222. Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, Faculty, Harvard University
223. Nicole Young, UMass Amherst
224. Travis A. Jackson, Faculty, University of Chicago
225. Kalyn Stroik, Former Staff Member, Colorado State University
226. Cameron Merker, Alum, Tecnológico de Monterrey, CDMX
227. Julissa Colon, Staff Member, Holyoke Community College
228. Kim Yi Dionne, Faculty, Smith College
229. Tianna Paschal, Faculty, UC-Berkeley
230. Andrea Felber Seligman, Faculty, City College of New York
231. John Lahai, Faculty
232. Seth Kim-Cohen, Faculty, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
233. Joye Bowman, Faculty, University of Massachusetts Amherst
234. Mary Lou Greenfield, Friend, Retired Staff, University of Michigan
235. John E. Drabinski, Faculty, Amherst College
236. Noelani Goodyear-Kaʻōpua, Faculty, University of Hawaiʻi
237. Ralina L Joseph, Faculty, University of Washington, Seattle
238. David Mednicoff, Faculty, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
239. Corine Tachtiris, Faculty, Antioch College, formerly Hampshire
240. Judith Casselberry, Faculty, Bowdoin College
241. Zebulon Vance Miletsky, Faculty, Stony Brook University
242. Carlene Edie, Faculty, UMASS Amherst
243. Judith Frank, Faculty, Amherst College
244. Andrew Weiner, Faculty, NYU
245. Libby Garland, Faculty, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY
246. Shannon Gleason, Faculty, Cornell University
247. Lisa Jackson, Faculty, Schoolcraft College
248. Ashley Lucas, Faculty, University of Michigan
249. Elizabeth Hinton, Faculty, Harvard University
250. Maria Helena Rueda, Faculty, Smith College
251. Josh Guilford, Faculty, Amherst College
252. Aimee Meredith Cox, Faculty, Fordham University
253. Amrita Basu, Faculty, Amherst College
254. Michael Kelly, UNC Charlotte
255. Cynthia Wu, Faculty, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
256. Sonia Nieto, Retired Faculty, University of Massachusetts/Amherst
257. Kelly Sears, Faculty, University of Colorado, Boulder
258. Oscar Jimenez-Castellanos, Staff Member, Arizona State University
259. Albert Ponce, Faculty, Diablo Valley College
260. Boris Wolfson, Faculty, Amherst College
261. Jason Read, Alum, University of Southern Maine
262. Kenly Brown, Graduate Student, University of California, Berkeley
263. Kena Hazelwood-Carter, Graduate Student, University of California, Berkeley
264. Stephanie Jones-Rogers, Faculty, University of California, Berkeley
265. Lilia Raquel Rosas, Scholar-Activist, Red Salmon Arts
266. Meredith Coleman-Tobias, Williams College
267. Noelle Hurd, Faculty, University of Virginia
268. Zoe Perry, Syracuse University
269. M. Amah Edoh, Faculty, MIT
270. Nadia Kim, Faculty, Loyola marymount univ
271. Edward Guimont, Doctoral Candidate and Adjunct Professor, University of Connecticut
272. Kency Cornejo, Faculty, University of New Mexico
273. Kimberly Thomas McNair, Post-Doc, Dickinson College, UC Berkeley Alumna
274. Amy Tahani-Bidmeshki, Faculty, Occidental College
275. Zaire Dinkey-Flores, Faculty, Rutgers University
276. Cynthia Blair, Faculty, University of Illinois at Chicago
277. Rosemary Ndubuizu, Professor, Georgetown University
278. Daniel Maurice Cooper, Alum, Columbia University
279. Karla Borecky, Staff Member, Smith College
280. Adam Sitze, Faculty, Amherst College
281. Daniel Maurice Cooper, Alum, Columbia University
282. Joshua Francois, Graduate Student, University of California, San Diego
283. Pedro Nava, Faculty, Mills College
284. Mark Schrupp, concerned citizen
285. Cian Oakheart, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
286. aliyyah abdur-rahman, Faculty, Brandeis University
287. Kevin Cheng, Graduate Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
288. Parker McQueeney, Alum, Hampshire College
289. Amy Tahani-Bidmeshki, Faculty, Occidental College
290. Paul M. Kellermann, Faculty, The Pennsylvania State University
291. Angela Ocampo, PhD Candidate, "University of California, Los Angeles"
292. Tanisha C. Ford, Faculty, University of Delaware
293. Masha Jennings, Undergraduate Student, The Evergreen State College
294. Kimberly Kay Hoang, Faculty, University of Chicago
295. Carolyn Madeo, Alum, Hampshire College
296. Jeff Sharlet, Alum, Hampshire College
297. Victoria Banales, Faculty, Cabrillo College
298. Evita Bynum, Faculty, The Catholic University of America
299. Chinua Thelwell, Faculty, College of William and Mary
300. Amy Deyerle-Smith, Alum, Hampshire College
301. Kelly Taylor, Alum, Hampshire College
302. Ibrahim Aoudé, Faculty, University of Hawai‘i
303. Nico Baumbach, Faculty, Columbia University
304. Adisa Stewart, Alum, Hampshire College
305. Judy Ha, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
306. Sarah Hamburg, Alum
307. Kathryn Baptista, Alum, Hampshire College
308. Renee M. Moreno, Faculty, Cal State Northridge
309. Susan Bernofsky, Faculty, Columbia University
310. Joo Ok Kim, Faculty, University of Kansas
311. Chelsea Dunn, Alum,
312. Staci Akselrod, Alum, Hampshire College
313. Emmett Adams, Alum, Hampshire College
314. Amelia Ortega, Alum, Hampshire College
315. Alberto Toscano, Faculty, Goldsmiths, University of London
316. Emily Stern, Staff and Faculty, Santa Fe Community College
317. Margaret Cerullo, Faculty, Hampshire College
318. Elizabeth Perez, Alum, University of California, Santa Barbara
319. Christopher Towler, Faculty, Western Washington University
320. Aaron Neiman, Alum,
321. Constance Valis Hill, Faculty, Hampshire College
322. Colette Katsikas, Alum, Hampshire College
323. Phill Parks, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
324. Ben Stumpf, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
325. Toussaint Losier, Faculty, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
326. Jeff Deutch, Alum,
327. Joe Minton, Alum, Hampshire College
328. Fabien Cante, Alum, LSE
329. Jessica Graham, UC San Diego
330. Lucas C. Ospina, Alum, Hampshire College
331. Emily Roysdon, Alum, Hampshire College
332. Elizabeth Caretti Ramírez, Alum, Hampshire College
333. Claudia Deeg, Smith College
334. David Meehan, Alum, Hampshire College
335. Maria Cartagena, Staff Member, Hampshire College
336. Gregory Adams, Faculty, Southern Connecticut State University
337. Nelson Maldonado-Torres, Faculty, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
338. David Hernández, Faculty, Mount Holyoke College
339. Natasha Lightfoot, Faculty, Columbia University
340. Haviland Justice, Alum, Hampshire College
341. Chelsea Miller, Alum,
342. Sue Darlington, Faculty, Hampshire College
343. Kevin Wiliarty, Staff Member, Hampshire College
344. Lorne Falk, Faculty, Hampshire College
345. Karen Warren, Staff Member, Hampshire College
346. Yuridia Ramírez, PhD Candidate, Duke University
347. Laura Melbin, Staff Member, Hampshire College
348. Claire Sammut, Alum, Hampshire College
349. Eddie Glaude, Faculty, Princeton University
350. Nadia Nurhussein, Faculty, Johns Hopkins University
351. Loni Edwards, Staff Member, University of Massachusetts Amherst
352. Jacquie Forbes, Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
353. Casey Andrews, Alum, Hampshire College
354. Richard Peña, Faculty, Columbia University
355. Katie Crisona, Alum, Hampshire College
356. Jane Lerner, Alum, Hampshire College
357. Caitlin Martin, Alum, Hampshire College
358. Robin Shtulman, Alum, Hampshire College
359. Jesse Winch, Alum, Hampshire College
360. Adrienne Lazes, Alum, Hampshire College
361. Pamela Stone, Faculty, Hampshire College
362. Krithi Rao, Alum, Hampshire College
363. E. Grace Johnston, Alum, Hampshire College
364. Michele Aina Barale, Faculty, Amherst College
365. Larry Hashima, Faculty, CSU Long Beach
366. Forrest Hejkal, Alum, Hampshire College
367. Remy Swift, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
368. Kelly Thibodeau, Alum, Hampshire College
369. Tim Littlefield, Alum,
370. Debra Keates, Faculty, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
371. Sabrina Dengler, Alum, Hampshire College
372. Alan Goodman, Faculty, Hampshire College
373. Alejandro Cuellar, Faculty, Hampshire College
374. Alison Howe, Alum, Hampshire College
375. Megan Lewis, Faculty, UMass Amherst
376. Holly Currier, Alum, Hampshire College
377. Riana Elyse Anderson, Faculty, University of Pennsylvania
378. Elizabeth Hall Patterson, Alum, Hampshire College
379. Fionnbharr Warren, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
380. Erin Jackson, Alum, Hampshire College
381. Lydia Harrington, Alum
382. Joanna Lawless, Alum, Hampshire College
383. Jaime Davila, Faculty, Hampshire College
384. Sara Jewell, Alum, Hampshire College
385. Margaret Hart, 5-college community member, Amherst College
386. Meg Arenberg, Postdoctoral Fellow ,Princeton University
387. Joshua Salzberg, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
388. Karsonya (Kaye) Wise Whitehead, Faculty, Loyola University Maryland
389. Breton K Handy, Alum, Hampshire College
390. Achille Mbembe, Faculty, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
391. Dr. Tracy Ann Essoglou, Alum & visiting prof., Hampshire College
392. Cat Greenstreet, Parent of Alum, Hampshire College
393. Deirdre O'Connor, Alum, Hampshire College
394. Lisa Andras, Staff Member, Hampshire College
395. Matt Haley, Staff Member, Hampshire College
396. Alexandra Kalmanofsky, Alum, Hampshire College
397. Nyasha Grayman-Simpson, Faculty, Goucher College
398. Laura Prow (Hoffman), Alum, Hampshire College
399. Nyasha Grayman-Simpson, Faculty, Goucher College
400. Chloe Bobar, Staff Member, Hampshire College
401. Matthew Sanchez, Undergraduate Student, Fort Lewis College
402. Maggie Rosenberg, Alum, Hampshire College
403. Katie Kramer, Alum, Hampshire College
404. Emmett DuPont, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
405. Stephanie Friedman, Staff Member, Hampshire College
406. Pamila Gupta, Faculty, University of the Witwatersrand
407. Veronica Golden, Staff Member, Hampshire College
408. Martha Sledge, Faculty, Marymount Manhattan College
409. Adam Sweet, Alum, Hampshire College
410. Tara Pozo, Alum, Hampshire College
411. Anne Downes, Staff Member, Hampshire College
412. Lucas Hrabal, Alum, Hampshire College
413. Jane Jerardi, Alum, Faculty, Cumbia College Chicago
414. Margaret Cerullo, Faculty, Hampshire College
415. Leah Hunter, Faculty, Florida A&M University
416. Joshua Gilb, Alum, Hampshire College
417. Rae Ann Wentworth-Cadieux, Staff Member, Hampshire College
418. Annabel Manning, Artist
419. Kia Caldwell, Faculty,
420. Donte Bernard, Doctoral Student, UNC-CH
421. Frazer Ward, Faculty, Smith College
422. Pablo Piccato, Faculty, Columbia University
423. Chloe Higginbotham, Alum, Hampshire College
424. Jeanine Dargis, Alum, Hampshire College
425. Meghan Maloney de Zaldivar, Alum
426. Shannon Da Silva, Staff Member, Hampshire College
427. Lily Bartle, Alum, Hampshire College
428. George Fourlas, Faculty, Hampshire College
429. Tovah Klein, Faculty, Barnard College
430. Carlos Molina-Vital, Faculty, UMass, Amherst
431. Jeannette Murrell, Staff Member, SHMS
432. Samantha Fogg
433. Adam Blaustein Rejto, Alum, Hampshire College
434. Paula Chakravartty, Faculty, NYU
435. Hannah Howard, former Staff Member member, Hampshire College
436. Kim Landsbergen, Faculty, Antioch College
437. Regina Williams, Alum
438. Yaniris Fernandez, Staff Member, Hampshire College
439. Chris Perry, Faculty, Hampshire College
440. Sybol Anderson, Faculty, St. Mary's College of Maryland
441. Barbara Aldrich, Staff Member, Hampshire College
442. Amanda Boston, Brown University
443. Amanda Saklad, Staff Member, Hampshire College
444. Lanette Sweeney, Staff Member, Hampshire College
445. Jeannette Murrell, Staff Member, SHMS
446. Kaylie Vezina, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
447. Imani Sanga, Faculty
448. Nancy Raquel Mirabal, Faculty, University of Maryland, College Park
449. Karyn Warren-Gregory, Alum, Hampshire College
450. Meara Geraty, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
451. Alejandra Cuéllar, Alum, Hampshire College
452. Ann-Marie Torregrossa, Alum,
453. Kaia Jackson, Alum
454. Elizabeth Todd-Breland, Faculty, University of Illinois at Chicago
455. Nash Malko, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
456. Noah Simblist, Alum, VCU
457. Amy Elizabeth Ferber, Alum, Hampshire College
458. Sabina Prenneis, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
459. Timothy Forry, Alum, Hampshire College
460. Daniel Lumsden, Alum, Hampshire College
461. Mireidys Garcia, Alum, Hampshire College
462. Megan Dobro, Faculty, Hampshire College
463. Adam Sitze, Faculty, Amherst College
464. Ivy Sabal, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
465. Becca Groveman, Staff Member, Hampshire College
466. Joanna Brown, Alum, Hampshire College
467. Kate Averett, Faculty, University at Albany - SUNY
468. Annie Rogers, Faculty, Hampshire College
469. Beth Ward, Staff Member, Hampshire College
470. Maggie Hart, Alum, Hampshire College
471. Ernie Alleva, Faculty, Hampshire College
472. Derrick R. Spires, Faculty, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
473. Erina Duganne, Faculty, Texas State University
474. Falguni A. Sheth, Faculty, Emory University (formerly Hampshire College)
475. Leonore Gordon, Oberlin College
476. Raquel Vigil, Alum, Hampshire College
477. Elizabeth Lazowski, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
478. Kathy Pappas, Alum, Hampshire College
479. Olivia Streisand, Alum, Hampshire College
480. Lori Goldner, Faculty, UMass Amherst
481. Jennifer Abeles, Faculty, Holyoke Community College
482. Sasha Conley, Staff Member, Hampshire College
483. Bea Cusin, Staff Member, Hampshire College
484. Ash Hartwell, Faculty, University of Massachusetts
485. Susan Shilliday, Faculty, Hampshire College
486. Emelia Martínez Brumbaugh, Alum, Hampshire College
487. Sigmund Roos, former Chair of the Hampshire College Board of Trustees
488. Anne Macon, Staff Member, Hampshire College
489. Eric Gottesman, Faculty, Hampshire College
490. Cathy Hews, Staff Member
491. Carol Quirke, Faculty, SUNY Old Westbury
492. William Brayton, Faculty, Hampshire College
493. Joshua Sugiyama, Alum, Hampshire College
494. Peter Gilford, Faculty, Hampshire College
495. Alexis Reed, Staff Member, Hampshire College
496. Sara Smith, Alum, Hampshire College
497. Monica Russel y Rodriguez, Faculty, Northwestern University
498. Zena Clift, Staff Member, Hampshire College
499. Ebony Coletu, Faculty, Pennsylvania State University
500. Maurice Stevens, Faculty, Ohio State University
501. Adriane Lentz-Smith, Faculty, Duke University
502. Amy Snyder, Alum
503. Ben Fitts, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
504. Nathan Whitmore, Alum, Northwestern university
505. Seth Koen, Alum, Hampshire College
506. Anthony Barthelemy, Faculty, University of Miami
507. Stefanie Brendler, Alum, Hampshire College
508. Aram Martirosyan, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
509. Ethan Johnson, Faculty, Portland State University
510. Katie Terezakis, Associate Professor, RIT Rochester Institute of Technology
511. Josh Odam, Alum, UMass Amherst
512. Amy Grumbling, Alum, Hampshire College
513. Scott Myers, Alum
514. Sam Taylor, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
515. Ilana krepchin, Alum, Hampshire College
516. Amelie Hastie, Faculty, Amherst College
517. Jutta Sperling, Faculty, Hampshire College
518. Maggie Bowen, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
519. Solsiree del Moral, Faculty, Amherst College
520. Traci Parker, Faculty, UMASS Amherst
521. Justin Helepololei, Graduate Student, University of Massachusetts Amherst
522. Julie Skurski, Faculty, CUNY Graduate Center
523. Phoebe Helander, Alum, Hampshire College
524. Beth Mattison, Staff Member, Hampshire College
525. Alejandro Velasco, Faculty, New York University
526. Lilia Soto, Faculty, University of Wyoming
527. Caren Kaplan, Alum, Hampshire College, Faculty, UC Davis
528. Mel Mel Sukekawa-Mooring, Alum, Hampshire College
529. Cody paille-jansa, Alum, Hampshire College
530. Jamie Beckenstein, Alum, Hampshire College
531. Emelyn Roberts, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
532. Aiden Bartelt, Alum, Smith College
533. Syd Fogarty, Alum, Hampshire College
534. Otto Santa Ana, Faculty, UCLA
535. Marisol de la Cadena, Faculty, UC Davis
536. Donna Young, Faculty, Albany Law School
537. John Higginson, Faculty, University of Massachusetts Amherst
538. S. Osgood, Alum, Hampshire College
539. Freyja Balmer, Alum, Hampshire College
540. Libby Reinish, Alum, Hampshire College
541. Jahlisa Pelle, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
542. Marcus Maulucci, Community Member
543. Kiah Raymond, Alum, Hampshire College
544. Tammy Parks, Staff Member, Hampshire College
545. Leah Dawkins, Alum, Hampshire College
546. Brianna Bryse Deane, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
547. Gabby Hernandez, Undergraduate Student, Mount Holyoke College
548. Michael Tedesco, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
549. Daniel Epstein Alum, Hampshire College
550. Alice Peck, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
551. Omar Berrada, independent scholar and curator
552. Karen Sanchez-Eppler, Faculty, Amherst College
553. Brianna Bryse Deane, Undergraduate Student, Hampshire College
554. Frances Aparicio, Faculty, Northwestern University
555. Devin Suozzi-Rearic, Alum, Hampshire College
556. Brittany Kamai, Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology
557. Anthony Ocampo, Faculty, Cal Poly Pomona
558. Rachel Beckwith, Staff Member, Hampshire College
559. Suzy Lee, Graduate Student, New York University
560. Marian Schmidt, Alum, Hampshire College
561. Audrey Block, Alum, Hampshire College
562. Alan Barta, Alum, Hampshire College
563. Deb Vargas, Faculty, Univ. of California, Riverside
564. Yael Rice, Faculty, Amherst College
565. Mariangeles Soto-Diaz, Alum, Hampshire College
566. Astrid Billat, Faculty, Meredith College
567. Cindy Garcia, Faculty, University of Minnesota
568. Joya Misra, Faculty, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
569. Meg Thurrell, Graduate Student, University of Southern Maine
570. Ayesha Hardison , Faculty, University of Kansas
571. Luis Alvarez, Faculty, UC San Diego
572. Jakki Spicer, Alum, Hampshire College
573. Devyn Mañibo, Alum, Hampshire College
574. Abraham Ravett, Faculty, Hampshire College
575. Roxanne Matuszek, Staff Member, Hampshire College
576. Rosalyn Negron, Faculty, UMass Boston
577. Tanya Whitworth, Graduate Student, University of Massachusetts Amherst
578. Alyssa Slotnick, Alum, Hampshire College
579. Madeleine Hahn, Alum, Hampshire College
580. Kirisitina G. Sailiata, Alum, Macalester College
581. Theri Pickens, Faculty, Bates College
582. Gary Mongiovi , Faculty, St John's University, NY
583. Dan Clawson, Faculty, Univ of Massachusetts Amherst
584. Noel Kirsch, Alum, Hampshire College
585. Sylvia Page, Alum, Hampshire College
586. Valeria L. Carbone, Faculty, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
587. Margo Jane, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
588. Katharine Duckett, Alum, Hampshire College
589. Lucius Couloute, Graduate Student, University of Massachusetts Amherst
590. Russell Seyfert, Alum, Hampshire College
591. Rashawn Ray, Faculty, University of Maryland
592. Sarah Ryder, Staff Member, Hampshire College
593. Emory Ellis, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
594. Christopher A. Scott, Alum, Hampshire College
595. Charles Theonia, Alum, Hampshire College
596. Koritha Mitchell, Faculty, Ohio State University
597. Lucas Hrabal, Alum, Hampshire College
598. Trina Yeckley, Alum, Hampshire College
599. Riko Fluchel, Alum, Hampshire College
600. Staci Frieze, Alum, Hampshire College
601. Ty Tengan, Faculty, University of Hawaii at Manoa
602. José I. Fusté, Faculty, University of Washington, Bothell
603. Anna Daniels, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
604. M. Geneveive Hitchings, Alum, Hampshire College
605. Rachel Rakov, Alum, Hampshire College
606. Janet Fancher, Parent of alum
607. Natalia Molina, Faculty, University of California, San Diego
608. Michael Gonzales, Faculty, Hampshire College
609. Emma Petersky, Alum, Hampshire College
610. Andrea Lee Castonguay, Alum, Hampshire College
611. Joe Pater, Faculty, University of Massachusetts Amherst
612. Kathrine Oen, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
613. Kelly Szott, Faculty, Earlham College
614. Teresa Gonzales, Faculty, Knox College
615. Joele Martinez, Graduate Student, Princeton University
616. Jennifer Alexander, Faculty, City Colleges of Chicago
617. Meredith McCoy, Graduate Student, UNC-Chapel Hill
618. Sakiya Bisher-Nea, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
619. Lynee Herrera, Staff Member, MIT
620. Jennifer Nelson, Staff Member, UC Berkeley
621. Sujani Reddy, Faculty, SUNY Old Westbury
622. Michele Mirisola, Alum, Hampshire College
623. Krista Harper, Faculty, University of Massachusetts Amherst
624. Garth D. Reese, Staff Member, Washington University
625. Rejjia Camphor, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
626. Nayan Shah, Faculty, University of Southern California
627. Brandy Nālani McDougall, Faculty, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
628. Lily Burns, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
629. Brian Acevedo
630. Sarah Combellick-Bidney, Faculty, Augsburg College
631. Benjamin Beach, Alum, Hampshire College
632. Jillian Fish, Graduate Student, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
633. Ellie Rosenwasser, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
634. Mitchell Krieger, Alum, Hampshire College
635. M'Daya Meliani, Alum, Hampshire College
636. Elizabeth Lucy, family of former Chairman, Hampshire College
637. Mary Putman, Faculty, Columbia
638. Claudia Canale-Parola, Alum, Oberlin College
639. Mia Metivier, Alum, Hampshire College
640. Cynthia Gill, Faculty, Hampshire College
641. Forel kourouma, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
642. Terri Snyder, Faculty, California State University, Fullerton
643. Amanda Major, Staff Member, Hampshire College
644. Abbie Bevan, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
645. Alisa Lebovitz, Alum, Hampshire College
646. Emma Harpin, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
647. Sheila Heady, Staff Member, Hampshire College
648. Katherine Sugg , Faculty, Central Connecticut State University
649. Jonathan Goldman, Faculty
650. Matt Krefting, Staff Member, Hampshire College
651. K Kim Holder, Faculty, alum Rowan University
652. Andrew Cornell, Faculty, Williams College
653. Kyle Jerro, Faculty, University of Essex
654. Teishan Latner, Faculty, Thomas Jefferson University
655. Gwyneth Burns, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
656. Eli Shurberg, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
657. Anthony Iglesias, Alum, Northwestern University
658. Jake Vogt, Alum, Hampshire College
659. Isaac Ross, Undergraduate student, Hampshire College
660. Jordan Stein, Faculty, Fordham University
661. Mae B. Fuller, Alum, Hampshire College
662. Matan Cohen, Hampshire College Alum and former Trustee; doctoral candidate, Columbia University
663. Greg Nahabedian, Alum, Boston Conservatory
664. Jonathan Willett, Alum, Hampshire College
665. Charlie Ekdahl Retired staff member Holy cross
666. Ryan Young Five College Graduate University of Massachusetts Amherst
667. Cóilín Parsons Faculty Georgetown University
668. Anna Kitchin Alum
669. Ember Skye Kanelee Graduate Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
670. Saskia Cornes Faculty Duke University
671. John Bird Faculty Phillips Academy Andover
672. Lydia Mazer Alum Hampshire College
673. Taylor Hurley Undergraduate student Hampshire College
674. Emily Hobson Faculty University of Nevada Reno
675. Bill Torcaso Alum Hampshire College
676. John Carson Faculty University of Michigan
677. Mónica A. Jiménez Faculty University of Texas at Austin
678. Stephen Clingman Faculty University of Massachusetts
679. Rosalba Perna Faculty Stony Brook University
680. Gina Velasco Faculty Gettysburg College
681. Liza Neal Alum and Staff Hampshire College
682. Alexander Ponomareff Graduate Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
683. Clay Ballantine Staff Member Hampshire College
684. Marcos Lopez Faculty Bowdoin College
685. Erik Olsen Alum Hampshire College
686. Caitlin Berrigan Alum, Hampshire College and Faculty, New York University
687. Julia Fernandez Graduate student UC San Diego
688. Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch Faculty Dartmouth College
689. Stacie Woodland Alum Hampshire College
690. Isaac William Martin Faculty University of California - San Diego
691. Pamela Block Alum Hampshire college and faculty at Stony Brook University
692. Mark Read Faculty New York University
693. Aisha Beliso-De Jesus Faculty Harvard Divinity School
694. David Gonzalez Doctoral Student Stanford University
695. Victoria Grafflin Alum Hampshire College
696. Byron Filler Alum Hampshire College
697. Liam Davis Undergraduate student Hampshire College
698. Ryan Cecil Jobson Faculty The University of Chicago
699. D. Max Moerman Faculty Barnard College, Columbia University
700. Silvia Rodriguez Vega Grad student UCLA
701. Mary Drews parent of student Hampshire College
702. Daniel Warner Faculty Hampshire College
703. Martha McDevitt-Pugh Alum Hampshire College
704. Joseph Keady PhD student UMass Amherst
705. James Ridge Irion County Attorney, Mertzon, TX University of Texas
706. Lydia Hadfield Alum Hampshire College
707. Brittany Meche Graduate Student University of California, Berkeley
708. Karl Steel Faculty Brooklyn College/Grad Center, CUNY
709. Jeff Martin PhD Candidate University of California, Berkeley
710. Adam Jadhav Graduate Student University of California at Berkeley
711. Daniel Kohn Alum Hampshire College
712. Gaye Hill Chair, Board of Trustees Hampshire College
713. Carrie Grossman Undergraduate student Hampshire College
714. Noenoe K Silva Faculty University of Hawaii at Manoa
715. Alexis Cespedes Undergraduate student Hampshire College
716. Chrissy Raciti Alum Hampshire College
717. Max Cohen Graduate student New York University
718. CJ Holm Alum Hampshire College
719. Ginetta E.B. Candelario Faculty Smith College
720. Sanjiv Gupta Faculty UMass-Amherst
721. Melissa Ibarra Alum Mount Holyoke College
722. Tori Lee Alum Hampshire College
723. Nina Barker Undergraduate student Hampshire College
724. Caroline Tracey Graduate Student UC Berkeley
725. Isabelle Linguiti Undergraduate student Hampshire College
726. Shannon M. Mussett Faculty Utah Valley University
727. Allyson Hobbs Faculty Stanford University
728. Ayanna D. Spencer PhD Student Michigan State University
729. Patrick Inglis Faculty Grinnell College
730. Satyajeet Salvi Alum Hampshire College
731. Andrew Dilts Faculty Loyola Marymount University
732. Kristin Dickson Wood Alum Hampshire College
733. Beverly Ketch Friend of free speech
734. Natalia Moyano Alum Hampshire College
735. Nicola Chávez Courtright Alum Hampshire College
736. Christie (Towe) Kim Alum Hampshire College
737. Ben Brucato Faculty University of Massachusetts Amherst
738. Daphne Lowell Faculty Hampshire College
739. L. Brown Kennedy Faculty Hampshire College
740. Nico Gómez-Horton Undergraduate student Hampshire College
741. Oliver Prato Alum Hampshire College
742. Whealon Costello Undergraduate student Hampshire College
743. Elisia Ceballo-Countryman Undergraduate student Yale University
744. Jake Kolpas Alum Hampshire College
745. Vanessa Martinez Faculty Holyoke Community College
746. Mia Zimonjic Undergraduate student UC Davis
747. Gia Del Pino Alum Hampshire College
748. Aaron LaRoche Alum
749. Wayne Standley
750. Dawn Peterson Faculty Emory University
751. Bobby Ewing Staff Member UC Berkeley
752. Cora Segal Undergraduate student Hampshire College
753. Maia Doerner Undergraduate student Hampshire College
754. Yasmine Farhang Alum
755. Shannon Stockwell Alum Hampshire College
756. Donna Cohn Faculty Hampshire College
757. Alice Petty Alum Hampshire College
758. Kelle Dhein PhD Student Arizona State University
759. Tatiana Pedroza Staff Member California State University, Fullerton
760. Alex Riccio Graduate Student Oregon State University
761. Jeremy Dickson-Smith Alum Hampshire College
762. Uzma Aslam Khan Faculty Hampshire College
763. Savvy Cornett Undergraduate student Hampshire College
764. Claudia istel Alum Hampshire College
765. Eric Waters Alum Hampshire College
766. Maggie Smith Alum Hampshire College
767. Michelle Ho Graduate student Stony Brook University
768. Mo Mercer Alum Hampshire College
769. Joy Schaefer Faculty Fordham University
770. Caitlin Bell-Butterfield Alum Hampshire College
771. S. Wyeth McAdam, Esq. Alum Hampshire College
772. Gloria Rodriguez Faculty Bronx Community College
773. Alejandra Marchevsky Faculty Cal State LA
774. Phaedra Kossow-Quinn Friend of a student
775. Erin Black Alum Hampshire College
776. Mia Karnofsky Undergraduate student Hampshire College
777. Eli Liebman Community Member
778. Kyle Shekinah-Roark Undergraduate student Hampshire College
779. Rosamond S. King Faculty Brooklyn College, City University of New York
780. Phil Opsasnick Doctoral Student Stony Brook University
781. Jessica Daugherty Alum Montclair State University
782. Yasmiyn Irizarry Faculty The University of Texas at Austin
783. Thomas A. Guglielmo Faculty George Washington University
784. Don E. Walicek Faculty University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus
785. Barrie Rein Thunemann Alum Hampshire College
786. Barry O'Connell Faculty Amherst College
787. Jenni Swanson Voorhees Alum Hampshire College
788. Renee Freedman Alum Hampshire College
789. Ousmane Bah Undergraduate student Hampshire College
790. Dana Finkelstein Alum Hampshire College
791. Vicente Rubio-Pueyo Faculty Fordham University
792. Bobbie Cohen Jemsek Alum Hampshire College
793. Susana Draper Faculty Princeton
794. Stella Silbert Undergraduate student Hampshire College
795. Baie Rogers Undergraduate student Hampshire College
796. Benjamin Schaeffer Alum Hampshire College
797. Colin Murphy Alum Hampshire College
798. Veda Hyunjin Kim PhD Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
799. Austen Rachlis Alum Hampshire College
800. Sarah Hamburg Alum Hampshire College
801. Kate Brandt Alum Hampshire College
802. Leslie Rabine Professor Emerita University of California, Davis
803. Cole Fishman Undergraduate student Hampshire College
804. Jonathan B. Williams Alum Hampshire College
805. Juanita García Faculty UC Riverside
806. Laura Bandara Alum Hampshire College
807. Natalie M. Léger Faculty Queens College, CUNY
808. Kathleen Feyh Faculty Syracuse University
809. Carissa Williams Alum Hampshire College
810. Chris Lesser UC Berkeley
811. Gerardo Renique Faculty CUNY
812. Lana Adler Alum Hampshire College
813. Fred Moten Faculty University of California, Riverside
814. Ben Barson Alum Hampshire College
815. Phoebe Smolin Alum Hampshire College
816. Rhana Tabrizi Alum Hampshire College
817. Gustavo Oliveira Graduate Student University of California, Berkeley
818. Susie Svendsgaard Alum Hampshire College
819. Stacey King Alum Hampshire College
820. Ashlee Kalauli Graduate Student University of California Santa Barbara
821. Cindy parizo Staff Member Hampshire College
822. Dominic Poropat Alum Hampshire College
823. Denise Eagleson Greenberg Faculty Antioch College
824. bernard greenwald an American
825. Tara Jacob Alum Hampshire College
826. Angela Zito Faculty New York University
827. Isabel Espinal Librarian University of Massachusetts Amherst
828. Emanuela Bianchi Faculty New York University
829. Sarah K. Brewer Alum Hampshire College
830. Susan Powell Staff Member University of California Berkeley
831. emma kohlmann Faculty Hampshire College
832. Meg Donnelly Faculty Northfield Mount Hermon
833. Sandra Matthews Emerita Faculty Hampshire College
834. Shatema Threadcraft Faculty Rutgers University
835. Enily Gear Undergraduate student Hampshire College
836. James Dooley Undergraduate student Hampshire College
837. Betsy Hartmann Faculty Hampshire College
838. Annie Sheehy Alum Hampshire College
839. Michelle Joffroy Faculty Smith College
840. Jeffrey Wolfman Staff Member Hampshire College
841. Deborah Heath Faculty Lewis and Clark College
842. Keon Ruddy Alum Hampshire College
843. Shane Aslan Selzer Faculty Parsons, The New School University
844. Will Payne PhD Student UC Berkeley
845. Kiyoshi Nature Undergraduate student Hampshire College
846. Rachel Rosenberg Alum Hampshire College
847. Daniel Perlmutter Alum
848. Ben Jacobs Undergraduate student Hampshire College
849. Nancy Hanson Staff Member Hampshire College
850. David Schilling Alum Hampshire College
851. Peter Thomsen Alum Hampshire College
852. Amalia Schwarzschild Undergraduate student Hampshire College
853. Flannery Weiss Alum Hampshire College
854. Scott Miller Alum Hampshire College
855. Nimanthi Rajasingham Faculty Colgate University
856. Alyson K. Spurgas Faculty Trinity College
857. Maia Kinney-Petrucha Alum Hampshire College
858. Cindy Rosenberg Parent of a 2017 Hampshire graduate Hampshire College
859. Mone Alexander Undergraduate student Hampshire College
860. Elisa Martinez Undergraduate student Hampshire College
861. Jordan Jacob Undergraduate student Hampshire College
862. Rachel Brown Visiting Instructor Mount Holyoke College
863. Mary Ann Davis Faculty Antioch College
864. Priscilla Page Faculty University of Massachusetts Amherst
865. Ariana Stickel Graduate student University of Arizona
866. Joshua Gannon-Salomon Alum Hampshire College
867. Carin Rank Staff Member Hampshire College
868. Jennifer D. Williams Faculty Morgan State University
869. Karolina Janczewska Undergraduate student Hampshire College
870. Catherine Beckfird Supporter Retired
871. Meghan Straus Alum Hampshire College
872. Payne Hiraldo Alum Hampshire College
873. Victoria Lucia Alum Hampshire College
874. Alya Stoffer-Koloszyc Alum Hampshire College
875. Shannon Barnsley Alum Hampshire College
876. Elizabeth Spelman Faculty Smith College
877. Merle Bruno Faculty Hampshire College
878. Molly Falsetti-Yu Faculty Smith College
879. Julia Shapiro Ph.D. student University of Wisconsin, Madison
880. Miles Larson Alum Hampshire College
881. Frederica Koss Undergraduate student Hampshire College
882. Zach Phillips Undergraduate student Hampshire College
883. Emily Maguire Faculty Northwestern University
884. Rhett Courser Alum Hampshire College
885. Jules Cowan Alum Hampshire College
886. Suzi Pietroluongo Teacher Emerson college
887. Rohan Ladmer-Price Undergraduate student Hampshire College
888. Jina Kim Faculty Mount Holyoke College
889. Patricia J Hawkins Alum Smith College
890. Genia Blaser Alum Hampshire College
891. Grant Holub-Moorman Undergraduate student Hampshire College
892. Carleene Houk Alum Lewis & Clark College
893. Aodhan Henson-McMahon Alum Hampshire College
894. Shivani Kapadia Alum Hampshire College
895. Valerie Francisco-Menchavez Faculty San Francisco State University
896. Joanne Schmidt Alum Hampshire College
897. brendan meagher American
898. Casey Hayman UMass Amherst
899. Caitlyn Cournale Undergraduate student Hampshire College
900. Tonia Sutherland Alum Hampshire College
901. Irene Small Assistant Professor Princeton University
902. Glenn Armitage Alum Hampshire College
903. Sara Brown Undergraduate student Hampshire College
904. Amalia Mayorga Undergraduate student Hampshire College
905. Cary Cordova Faculty
906. Blanche McCrary Boyd Faculty Connecticut College
907. Courtney MacKenzie Undergraduate student Hampshire College
908. Michael Parker Alum Bard Graduate Center
909. Nancy Goldstein Alum
910. Julian Erickson-Watson Undergraduate student Hampshire College
911. Cray Novick Alum Hampshire College
912. Aaron Bernstein Graduate student Stony Brook University
913. Eduardo Cadava Faculty Princeton University
914. Giselle Liza Anatol Faculty University of Kansas
915. Joan Landes Former Faculty member Pennsylvania State University
916. Linda Gosnell
917. Pablo Delano Faculty Trinity College, Hartford CT
918. Joy Connolly Alum Wesleyan University
919. Charlotte Heltai Graduate Student University of Chicago Divinity School
920. Shannon Langlois Alum Boston University
921. Alina Miglietta Undergraduate student Hampshire College
922. Greg Feliu Undergraduate student Hampshire College
923. Adrian Vickers Alum University of South Alabama
924. Ella Condon Alum Hampshire College
925. Nicole Spigner Faculty Columbia College Chicago
926. Miah Ariel Jones Alum School of the Art Institute of Chicago
927. Erin Stalberg Staff Member Mount Holyoke College
928. Matthew Hecking Alum
929. Dina Sipiora Alum Beloit College
930. Rosemary Barbers Faculty La Salle University
931. Elizabeth Adams Faculty Columbia University
932. Greer Harper Alum Hampshire College
933. Susan L Eder MD Alum Hampshire College
934. Nat Baldwin Undergraduate student University of Southern Maine
935. Lucy Painter Alum Hampshire College
936. Laney Eddington Alum Hampshire College
937. Iyko Day Faculty Mount Holyoke
938. Christopher Taylor Faculty University of Chicago
939. Jesse Ditkoff Alum Hampshire College
940. Antoinette winters Former faculty Concord Academy
941. Sarah shulman Harvard university medical school
942. Cynthia Bertrand Holub Mother of Alum Hampshire College
943. Brian Winters Friend of Alumni Loyola University
944. Tom Garrett Alum Hampshire College
945. Rosemary Barbers Faculty La Salle University
946. Tessa Stackow Alum Hampshire College
947. Michelle Bernardino Alum Mount Holyoke College
948. Tim Dolan Alum: NAU - Flagstaff, AZ SFASU - Nacogdoches, TX
949. Tripp Johnson Alum Hampshire College
950. Peter Di Bono Alum Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
951. Steve Waksman Faculty Smith College
952. Jason Yanowitz Alum Hampshire College
953. Carol Yourman Alum Hampshire College
954. Arianna Acevedo Undergraduate student Hampshire College
955. Ruby Defelice Undergraduate student Hampshire College
956. Nathan Sayre Faculty University of California-Berkeley
957. Charis Thompson Faculty Uc Berkeley
958. Josia DeChiara Alum Hampshire College
959. Owen Aptekar-Cassels Alum Hampshire College
960. Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes Faculty University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
961. Rosemary Barbers Faculty La Salle University
962. Lukas Vrbka Alum Hampshire College
963. Andy Anderson Amherst College
964. Stephanie Katz Alum Hampshire College
965. Dani cattan Alum Hampshire College
966. Carl Davis Alum Hampshire College
967. Sarah Rosenberg Gonzales Alum University of Southern Mississippi
968. Rachel Hemond Undergraduate student Middlebury College
969. Catherine Zimmer Faculty Pace University
970. Alisa Bierria Staff Member UC Berkeley
971. Amilcar Shabazz Faculty UMass
972. Kathi Kaity Alum Hampshire College
973. Kasha Bornstein Alum Hampshire College
974. Nina Levison Alum Hampshire College
975. Jeff Patlingrao Alum Hampshire College
976. Augusta catherin Undergraduate student Hampshire College
977. Graciela Monteagudo Faculty University of Massachusetts, Amherst
978. Sunny Maguire Alum Hampshire College
979. Kenneth King
980. William H. Warren Alum Hampshire College
981. Julie Beth Napolin Alum Hampshire College
982. Lisa Henderson UMass/Five College faculty member UMass Amherst
983. Tommy J. Curry Faculty TAMU
984. Cynthia Hoover Graduate student CSUF
985. Adin Buchanan Undergraduate student Hampshire College
986. Nicole Hicks
987. Aileen Cordero Undergraduate student Hampshire College
988. Aaron Richardson Undergraduate student Hampshire College
989. Anna Bey Undergraduate student Hampshire College
990. Daya Mena Undergraduate student Hampshire College
991. Frances Metzger Undergraduate student Hampshire College
992. David Woken Faculty University of Oregon
993. Fynta Sidime Undergraduate student Hampshire College
994. Julie Wyman Faculty UC Davis
995. Elisabeth Sauvage-Callaghan Faculty Clarion University of PA
996. e Frances White Former Dean of Faculty, Hampshire College Emeritx Prof. NYU
997. Johnny Williams Undergraduate student Hampshire College
998. Charlotte Heltai Graduate Student University of Chicago Divinity School
999. Lynn Roberts Faculty CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy
1000. Charlotte Heltai Graduate Student University of Chicago Divinity School
1001. Shelley Rice Faculty New York University
1002. Leslie Salzinger Faculty University of California, Berkeley
1003. Dean Hutton Graduate Student University of Cape Town
1004. Gillian Giles Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1005. Brian Kelly Alum Hampshire College
1006. Julio Capó, Jr. Faculty UMass Amherst
1007. Madison McDonald Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1008. Robert Espier Ayala American Citizen
1009. Sabina Paneva Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1010. Alex Marklyn
1011. Alexa Akre Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1012. Quinn Nace Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1013. Dread Scott visual artist Faculty, School of Visual Art
1014. Jesse Schwartz Faculty LaGuardia Community College, CUNY
1015. Zach Ellis Alum
1016. Andrea Lawlor Mount Holyoke College
1017. Braden Gow Alum Hampshire College
1018. Abdul Rafay Mudassar Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1019. William Ruhm Alum Amherst College
1020. Justin Dow Alum Hampshire College
1021. Frank Murphy Alum UMass Amherst/Five College alum
1022. Tegan Bristow Faculty University of the Witwatersrand
1023. Khary Polk Faculty Amherst College
1024. Stephanie Rendall Alum Hampshire College
1025. Aleksander Meyer Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1026. John Murillo Faculty Hampshire College
1027. Anna Sitley Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1028. Aziza Zahran Undergraduate student Cazenovia College
1029. Manissa Maharawal Faculty American University
1030. Dominic Bednar Graduate Student University of Michigan
1031. Emily Strand Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1032. Heather Welty Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1033. Valeria P. Jimenez Doctoral Candidate Northwestern University
1034. Roger Almendarez Doctoral Candidate Northwestern University
1035. Eli Horowitz Staff Member Hampshire College
1036. Liz Bannish Staff Member Smith College
1037. Divad Durant Alum Hampshire College
1038. Zeffa Kinney Staff Member Purchase College
1039. Vikki Bell Faculty Goldsmiths, University of London
1040. Thanu Yakupitiyage Alum Hampshire College
1041. Pranav Jani Faculty Ohio State University
1042. Laura C. Nelson Faculty University of California, Berkeley
1043. Catherine Rottenberg Faculty
1044. Alek Marinovich Alum Hampshire College
1045. Jen Martinez Graduate Student University of Massachusetts Boston
1046. Jason M. Tor Faculty Hampshire College
1047. Ivy Skinner Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1048. Jolie Simpson Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1049. Marilyn Borchardt Retired, concerned citizen
1050. Alishia Alther Alum Hampshire College
1051. Seth Thompson Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1052. Andrea Battle Retired Teacher. Long Island ,NY
1053. Madeline McCubbins CLPP RRASC intern Hampshire College
1054. Elena Lahr-Vivaz Faculty Rutgers University-Newark
1055. Christine Dawson Visiting Scholar University at Albany
1056. Margo Dalal Alum Hampshire College
1057. Anderson Lara Alum UMASS Amherst
1058. Ashur Rayis Alum Hampshire College
1059. Lois Weiner Faculty New Jersey City University
1060. Kiara Vigil Faculty Amherst College
1061. Kyra Kabler Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1062. Peter Kunhardt Alum Hampshire College
1063. Natalie Riquelmy Graduate Student Pratt Institute
1064. Ayat Agah PhD Candidate Claremont Graduate University
1065. Martin T. Olliff Faculty Troy University
1066. Ramón H. Rivera-Servera Faculty Northwestern University
1067. Rebekah Anderson Alum Hampshire College
1068. Arnaldo Cruz-Malavé Faculty Fordham University
1069. Teresita Levy, Ph.D. Faculty Lehman College, CUNY
1070. Stephen Figurasmith Alum Hampshire College
1071. Harrison Fuerst Alum Hampshire College
1072. Ariana Kosmides Alum Hampshire College
1073. Emilia Ditkoff Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1074. Ian Tapscott Alum Hampshire College
1075. Victoria Sundell Alum Hampshire College
1076. Djola Branner Faculty Hampshire College
1077. Mei Seva Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1078. R. D. Cormier Doctoral candidate Stony Brook University
1079. Emma Brewster Alum Hampshire College
1080. John Mckiernan-Gonzalez Texas State University
1081. Victoria Hesford Faculty
1082. Beverley Daniel Friend
1083. William Cabret Alum Hampshire College
1084. Edward Paulino Faculty CUNY
1085. Irene Garza VAP Latina/o History Oberlin College
1086. Shoushan Mikaelian Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1087. Gabriel Rocha Faculty Drexel University
1088. Caitlin Ezell Waugh Alum Hampshire College
1089. Juan Sánchez Faculty Hunter College, CUNY
1090. Brian Van Slyke Alum Hampshire College
1091. Deirdre Scott Cultural Analyst NY
1092. Maria Cristina Garcia Faculty Cornell University
1093. Epstein Gail Parent of an alum
1094. Grizelle Esther Medina Graduate PRATT institute
1095. Sara Berliner Alum Hampshire College
1096. Marisa Lerer Faculty Manhattan College
1097. Alex Werth Doctoral Candidate UC Berkeley
1098. Jesse Goldstein Faculty Virginia Commonwealth University
1099. Mary Dziedzinski Graduate Student Boston University SSW
1100. María Elena Cepeda Faculty Williams College
1101. Laura Halperin Faculty UNC-Chapel Hill
1102. Laurel Mei-Singh Faculty Princeton University
1103. Richard Barber Alum Hampshire College
1104. Ernesto Chávez Faculty UT El Paso
1105. Teo Freytes Artist
1106. Chloe valencia Undergraduate student Holyoke Community College
1107. Jasmine Wigginton
1108. cory cochrane Alum Hampshire College
1109. Tristan Cullen Alum Hampshire College
1110. Sekai Hurdle Alum Hampshire College
1111. Arlene Davila Faculty NYU
1112. Jake Lichter Alum Hampshire College
1113. Andrew "Fig" Figueroa Alum
1114. Judith Wilson-Pates Retired faculty University of California, Irvine
1115. Jonathan Butler Alum Hampshire College
1116. Melissa Hargadon Alum Hampshire College
1117. Sarah Gish-Kraus Staff Member University of Pennsylvania
1118. Marissa Jones Alum Hampshire College
1119. Alicia Ellis Faculty Colby College
1120. Luna Goldberg Alum Hampshire College
1121. Shirish Bhattarai Alum Hampshire College
1122. Dan Finnegan Alum Hampshire College
1123. Karen Deyerle parent of 2017 Hampshire graduate Wells College
1124. Zach Bloom Alum Hampshire College
1125. Amy Trompetter Faculty
1126. Marty Savell Alum Hampshire College
1127. Ron Gonzalez Alum Hampshire College
1128. Lisa Caspari Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1129. Julia Lopez Theater Artist & Poet Wesleyan University, Class of 1984
1130. Mary Lou Ferro Conca Alumna The University of Massachusetts
1131. Grace Kittredge Alum Hampshire College
1132. Barbara Kim Faculty CSU Long Beach
1133. Sophie Dempster-Greenbaum Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1134. Anna Pegler-Gordon Faculty Michigan State University
1135. Maggie Samuels Alum Hampshire College
1136. Camila Neira Undergraduate student Florida International University
1137. Marlene R-Cancio Staff Member NYU
1138. Katrina Stalcup Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1139. Sebastian Betzer Undergraduate student University of Michigan
1140. Lauren Burke Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1141. Max Breakwell Alum Hampshire College
1142. Shannon Abraham-Cook (McKay-Cook) Alum Hampshire College
1143. David Flores Alum Hampshire College
1144. Emily Dix Thomas Alum Hampshire College
1145. MaryRose Blandino Alum Hampshire College
1146. Jonathan Rosa Faculty Stanford University
1147. Sandra Ruiz Faculty University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
1148. Thomas Sundell Parent of former student Graduate of State Univ. of NY at Buffalo
1149. Laura Roy Faculty Penn State Harrisburg
1150. Mari Castaneda Faculty University of Massachusetts Amherst
1151. Joseph Krupczynski Faculty University of Massachusetts Amherst
1152. Gianna Rodriguez Alum Hampshire College
1153. Felicity Figueroa Alum Hampshire College
1154. Nzola De Magalhaes Postdoctoral Scholar University of California San Diego
1155. Miguel Santiago Staff Member Hampshire College
1156. Elizabeth Wright Alum Hampshire College
1157. Johana Londoño Faculty SUNY Albany
1158. Francis Magai Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1159. Sherri Brown Alum Hampshire College
1160. Kim Newton Alum Hampshire College
1161. Aliza Yarrow Alum Hampshire College
1162. Charlotte Lagarde Fan
1163. Kate Kyros Alum Hampshire College
1164. William Yarrow Faculty Joliet Junior College
1165. Robert Coles retired faculty Hampshire College
1166. Lance T. McCready Faculty University of Toronto
1167. Kate Warfield Alum Hampshire College
1168. Ethan Donahue Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1169. Nadine Finigan-Carr Faculty University of Maryland, Baltimore
1170. david paquette Staff Member Hampshire College
1171. Twyla Mount Alum Hampshire College
1172. Aidan Pagnani Alum Hampshire College
1173. Emma Amador Faculty Goucher College
1174. Bradley Warfield Recent Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy The University of Tampa
1175. Dania Francis Faculty UMass Amherst
1176. Elsa Brown Alum Hampshire College
1177. Genevieve Clutario Faculty Harvard University
1178. Mirana Moore Alum Hampshire College
1179. Lynne Byall Benson Faculty University of Massachusetts Boston
1180. Zeeva Natasha Zazhinne Alum Hampshire College
1181. Eric O'Neill Alum Hampshire College
1182. Nicole le Roux, Alum Hampshire College Alum Hampshire College
1183. Ivy Sundell Parent of former student Hampshire College
1184. Annelise Orleck Faculty Dartmouth College
1185. Pablo Ramirez Faculty University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
1186. Jacob Sheppard-Saidel Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1187. Lisa Kornetsky Alum Hampshire College
1188. Connor Stedman Alum Hampshire College
1189. Sonya Donaldson Faculty New Jersey City University
1190. Patricia Herrera Faculty University of Richmond
1191. Jennifer Guglielmo Faculty Smith College
1192. Andrew Rosa Alum Hampshire College
1193. Terri Rosa Wife of alum Hampshire College
1194. Micaela Díaz-Sánchez Faculty University of California, Santa Barbara
1195. Jenna Weingarten Alum Hampshire College
1196. Mira Elwell Alum
1197. Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow Faculty School of Visual Arts
1198. Darrel Wanzer-Serrano Faculty University of Iowa
1199. Thomas Edge Faculty Bowling Green State University
1200. Christina Hanhardt Faculty University of Maryland
1201. Max Carter Alum Hampshire College
1202. Eva Hageman Postdoctoral Fellow
1203. Yomaira C. Figueroa Faculty Michigan State University
1204. Fernando Leiva Faculty University of California Santa Cruz
1205. Sylvia Williams Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1206. James Ruben Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1207. Guadalupe Gonzalez Graduate Student UT Austin
1208. Maria Estela Harretche Faculty Smith College
1209. Shannon Dudley Faculty University of Washington
1210. Zilong Wang Alum Hampshire College
1211. Laura Briggs Faculty University of Massachusetts
1212. Derek Haley Alum Hampshire College
1213. Dr. Marti Newland Faculty Columbia University
1214. John Gennari Faculty University of Vermont
1215. Kanchan Jha Alum Hampshire College
1216. Kate Culligan Alum Hampshire College
1217. Makenna Coyle Alum Hampshire College
1218. Juliana Góes Student UMass Amherst
1219. Courtney Heyse Alum Michigan State University
1220. Mac Dvorak Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1221. Jillian fishman Alum Hampshire College
1222. Johanna hawkins Lived lovally
1223. Liz Hartung Faculty Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
1224. Sherri Schon Staff Member Hampshire College
1225. Quantia Toffie Alum Hampshire College
1226. Sara Stagg Alum Hampshire College
1227. Sarah Augusto Alum
1228. Charisse DelVecchio Alum Hampshire College
1229. Gianpaolo Baiocchi Faculty NYU
1230. Kelly Anderson Faculty Smith College
1231. Hector R. Cordero-Guzman Faculty Baruch College, City University of New York
1232. Janice Nielsen Staff Member Hampshire College
1233. Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz Faculty Northwestern University
1234. Alice Rich Lewis Alum Hampshire College
1235. Tara Daly Faculty Marquette University
1236. Esther Martinez Retired fellow American
1237. Grace Desmarais Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1238. Tharanga Yakupitiyage Alum Hampshire College
1239. Jordan T. Camp Postdoctoral Fellow Brown University
1240. Susan Heitker Staff Member Hampshire College
1241. Susan King Staff Member Hampshire College
1242. Ritty Lukose Faculty New York University
1243. Allison Brown Alum Hampshire College
1244. Minh-Ha T. Pham Faculty Pratt Institute
1245. Yana Tallon-Hicks Alum Hampshire College
1246. Elise Khanijao Alum Hampshire College
1247. Keith Aron Staff Member Hampshire College
1248. Jenna Baillargeon Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1249. Melissa Bragg Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1250. Adrian Burgos Faculty University of Illinois
1251. Sarah Steely Staff Member Hampshire College
1252. Christen Smitg Faculty University of Texas Austin
1253. Vasuki Nesiah Faculty NYU
1254. Judah Schept Faculty Eastern Kentucky University
1255. Jasmine Wigginton
1256. Daniel McGinnis Boston University
1257. Manolo Cienfugeos Bus Driver Spanish Harlem College
1258. Jessica Nepomiachi - F01 Alum Hampshire College
1259. Sue Montoya Graduate student University of Florida
1260. Vanessa Rosa Postdoctoral Fellow Mount Holyoke College
1261. Jennifer Allen Ally
1262. James Smethurst Faculty University of Massachusetts Amherst
1263. Marisol Negrón Faculty University of Massachusetts Boston
1264. Nicholas L. Syrett Faculty University of Northern Colorado
1265. Nantina Vgontzas PhD Candidate New York University
1266. Jenna Baillargeon Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1267. RJ Sakai Alum Hampshire College
1268. Arslan Muradi Alum Hampshire College
1269. Krizia De La Puente Alum Florida International University
1270. Sofija Maria Kas Alum Hampshire College
1271. Luis Aponte-Parés Faculty University of Massachusetts Boston
1272. Zaynab Shahar Alum Hampshire College
1273. Esther Dane Alum Hampshire College
1274. Sheila Jaswal Faculty Amherst College
1275. Ashley Ortiz-Diaz Graduate Student University of Florida
1276. Deborah Agre Alum Hampshire College
1277. Martha Fuentes-Bautista Faculty UMASS Amherst
1278. Senti Sojwal Alum Hampshire College
1279. Daniel A. Valdes
1280. Lise Zumwalt Alum
1281. Maiwenn Raoult Alum Hampshire College
1282. Jeffrey Kuhn Alum Hampshire College
1283. Roger Sherman Alum Hampshire College
1284. Ben Calman Alum Hampshire College
1285. Jacqueline Hanes Retired Goddard College, Vermont
1286. Glenn Siegel Staff Member University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1287. Gillian Hart Faculty University of California Berkeley
1288. Tracy Calvan Alum Hampshire College
1289. Isabel Nogueira Alum Hampshire College
1290. Diana Díaz Muñoz Alum Hampshire College
1291. Erik Arnold Alum Hampshire College
1292. David Stovall Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
1293. Michael Lebron Intellectual The Cooper Union
1294. Augusto Tentori Postdoctoral Researcher MIT
1295. Stuart Chen-Hayes Faculty CUNY-Lehman College
1296. Chelle Jones Graduate Student Instructor University of Michigan
1297. Francoise Vergès Faculty FMSH, Paris
1298. Oscar Andy Hammerstein Alum Hampshire College
1299. Priscilla Howell Alum Hampshire College
1300. Warren Roos Alum Hampshire College
1301. Elvis Fuentes Graduate student Rutgers University
1302. Tasha Loader Alum Hampshire College
1303. Naomi Darling Faculty Hampshire College
1304. Stephen Auger Alum Hampshire College
1305. Sheila Brown Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1306. Lauren Thaler Alum Hampshire College
1307. Zoe Linder-Baptie Alum Hampshire College
1308. An Hackler Alum
1309. John H. Bickford Faculty Eastern Illinois University
1310. Glen Gurner Alum
1311. Eric Larson Faculty University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
1312. Maria Fernandez Concerned citizen
1313. Ivana Staiti former Hampshire staff member
1314. Naomi Swearingen Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1315. Liora Sanchez Grad student Teachers College, Columbia University
1316. Heather St. Germaine Staff Member Hampshire College
1317. Susan J. Tracy Emerita Faculty Hampshire College
1318. Aidan, Alice West Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1319. Scott Ritchie Faculty Kennesaw State University
1320. Malcolm Torrejón Chu Alum UMass – Amherst
1321. Katie Irwin Staff Member Hampshire College
1322. Isaac Burg Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1323. Rosita Fernandez-Rojo Alum
1324. Ian Rocksborough-Smith Faculty University of the Fraser Valley
1325. Wanda Knudsen Concerned Citizen
1326. Jane Lay Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1327. Jill Cohen Alum Hampshire College
1328. Susan Merchant Alum Hampshire College
1329. Dan Battat Alum Hampshire College
1330. Maria Damon Alum Hampshire College
1331. Amy Wordelman Staff Member Five Colleges, Incorporated
1332. don charleston, humanist
1333. Patrick Pritchett Faculty Westfield State University
1334. Peter Ciccariello Concerned citizen
1335. Pierce Gordon PhD Student University of California Berkeley
1336. Jeffrey Tuchman Alum Hampshire College
1337. Nicole Markowitz Alum Hampshire College
1338. Marisol Berrios Miranda Faculty University of Washington
1339. Robert von der Lippe Emeritus Professor Hampshire College
1340. Caolan Madden graduate student Rutgers University
1341. Rory Madden Alum Hampshire College
1342. Dean Hubbard Alum Hampshire College
1343. Jay Vogt Alum Hampshire College
1344. Jana Silver Faculty Hampshire College
1345. Gaines Blasdel Alum Hampshire College
1346. Alex Michaud Alum Hampshire College
1347. Amir Fogel Alum Hampshire College
1348. Thomas J Haxo Faculty Hampshire College
1349. Robbie Richardson Faculty University of Kent (UK)
1350. Trish Crapo Alum Hampshire College
1351. Steve Thornton Writer
1352. Alea Alexis Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1353. Sandra Guzman Author, Filmmaker, Journalist
1354. John Wick Alum Part 2 college
1355. Emi Link Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1356. Zoe Schacht-Levine Alum Hampshire College
1357. Liat Goldman Douglas Alum Hampshire College
1358. Andrew Otto Gordon Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1359. Andrea Gibbons Researcher University of Salford
1360. Mathew Swiatlowski Former Staff Member Hampshire College
1361. Jordan Robbins Alum Asheville, NC
1362. Rosanne Rabinowitz Writer
1363. Kate Oeser Alum Hampshire College
1364. Joseph Holub parent of alum Univ Pennsylvania
1365. Celina Su Faculty City University of New York
1366. Daniel N. Miller Alum Hampshire College
1367. Jo Mulderig Parent of alum Hampshire College
1368. Delilah Jade Silverstein Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1369. Lisa Otterström Alum Illinois Wesleyan University, The Catholic University of America
1370. Deborah Paredez Faculty Columbia University
1371. John H.Bracey Faculty University of Massachusetts,Amherst
1372. Daniel Ross Faculty Hampshire College
1373. Karen Sullivan Alum Hampshire College
1374. Christopher Migliaccio Faculty Miami Dade College
1375. Tabb sullivan Alum Hampshire College
1376. Melanie K. Yazzie Faculty University of California Riverside
1377. Alyssa Adamson Graduate Student Stony Brook University
1378. Kasey Postizzi Alum Hampshire College
1379. Marika Dunn Alum Hampshire College
1380. Cécile Accilien Faculty Kansas University
1381. Ann Smock professor emerita U.C. Berkeley
1382. Catherina Villafuerte Graduate Student UConn- Storrs
1383. Melissa Belmonte Faculty Smith College
1384. Alyse Dvorak parent of undergrad Hampshire College
1385. Naoko Shibusawa Faculty Brown University
1386. Ashley Garcia Undergraduate student Miami Dade Honors College
1387. Rafael A. Mutis adjunct faculty City University of NY (CUNY)
1388. Carol Glidden Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1389. Annette Jarvie Parent of Hampshire Graduate
1390. Enid Logan Faculty University of Minnesota
1391. Jessica M. Payne Alum Hampshire College
1392. Zoe Hammer Faculty Prescott College
1393. Hannah Somers Alum University of Iowa and UMass Boston
1394. Thomas Brown Alum Hampshire College
1395. Maritza Stanchich Faculty University of Puerto Rico
1396. David Goldberg Alum UMASS-Amherst, 2006
1397. Helen S. Cohen Alum Hampshire College
1398. Joyce Li Alum Hampshire College
1399. Jordan DeBor Alum Hampshire College
1400. Annette Warner (Imhausen) Faculty Frankfurt University
1401. Lisa Lightman Alum Hampshire College
1402. Stephanie Smallwood Faculty University of Washington
1403. Matthew Fassberg Alum
1404. Jack Pierson Alum Hampshire College
1405. Jiyang Kim Alum Hampshire College
1406. Carolyn Sheehan Alum Hampshire College
1407. Jessica Doanes Alum Hampshire College
1408. Peter Modest Alum Hampshire College
1409. Lisa Kornetsky Alum Hampshire College
1410. Jane Bedell Alum Hampshire College
1411. Lisa Kornetsky Alum Hampshire College
1412. Hunter Johns Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1413. Matthew Goodman Alum Hampshire College
1414. Emily Caplan Alum Hampshire College
1415. Kasey Postizzi Alum Hampshire College
1416. Matthew D'Agostino Photojournalist
1417. Cheri Butler Staff Member Hampshire College
1418. Brian Mount Father of alumnae University of Illinois
1419. Kristie Conrad Alumna friend
1420. Ariella Ben-Dov Alum
1421. Zil McGourty Alum Hampshire College
1422. Lisa Gaughran Alum
1423. Tom Kalin Faculty Columbia University, School of the Arts
1424. Christine Staats Alum University of Vermont
1425. Jennifer Greenburg Postdoctoral Fellow Brown University
1426. Cole Cataneo Alum Hampshire College
1427. Lauren Lucius Persist on.
1428. Christina Manning Physician
1429. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva Faculty Duke University
1430. Rodolfo Rosales Retired Associate Professor and Activist
1431. Lindsay Kerby Alum Hampshire College
1432. Cameron Russell Former Staff Member UMass Amherst
1433. Tai Hubbert Alum Hampshire College
1434. Stephano Austino 3:16 University
1435. Siena Dryden Alum Hampshire College
1436. Jonathan Bloom Alum Hampshire College
1437. Marianna Luna Alum Hampshire College
1438. Blanche Cook Faculty Wayne Law
1439. Abigail Kahler Alum UMass Amherst
1440. Brittni Hayes Alum Hampshire College
1441. Melodie Kauff Smith College
1442. Nevette Bailey Graduate Student Columbia University
1443. Mikaela González Alum Hampshire College
1444. Karin Stallard Alum Hampshire College
1445. Roberta Duarte Alum Mount Holyoke College
1446. Samuel Adams Alum Hampshire College
1447. Marta Anex-Schnauss Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1448. Christopher Perreira Faculty University of Kansas
1449. Theodora Danylevich Doctoral candidate George Washington U
1450. Cassandra de Alba Alum Hampshire College
1451. Leah Mawhinney Alum Hampshire College
1452. Dawaun Hardy Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1453. Vivianna Alvarez Staff Member Hampshire College
1454. Emily Ike Alum Hampshire College
1455. Christopher Herbert Faculty Columbia Basin College
1456. Dede Minter Alum Hampshire College
1457. Christopher Fan Faculty UC Irvine
1458. Cheryl Espinosa-Jones Alum Mills College, California State University East Bay
1459. Lizabeth Roemer Faculty University of Massachusetts Boston
1460. Ann Lipsitt Teacher Goddard College alum
1461. Joshua Averett Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1462. David longsmith Child summer resident in 80&81
1463. Alicia Cowart Lecturer/Staff University of California, Berkeley
1464. Kelley Wagner Alum Hampshire College
1465. Bill Null Alum Hampshire College
1466. Everette Saunders Undergraduate student Holyoke Community College
1467. Rachel Compton Alum Hampshire College
1468. Steve Compton Parent of two Hampshire graduates Universities of Virginia and Delaware
1469. Maha Jafri Faculty Sewanee: The University of the South
1470. Samuel Kelton Roberts Faculty Columbia University
1471. Annakate Schatz Alum Mount Holyoke College
1472. Sally Stoddard Trinity College, VT
1473. Carol Oster Parent of Alum
1474. Denise Lillian Faculty
1475. Rebecca Goldbach
1476. Lawrence Marshall Alum Hampshire College
1477. Heather Gonzalez Parent of a Hampshire grad Hampshire College
1478. Alexis Wells-Oghoghomeh Faculty Vanderbilt University
1479. Alex Dorr Alum Hampshire College
1480. Grace Wang Faculty UC Davis
1481. Shaina Potts Faculty UCLA
1482. Jade Ngo Alum Mount Holyoke College
1483. Hannah Gaschott Alum Hampshire College
1484. Victor Viesca Faculty CSU Los Angeles
1485. William H. Adams Ph.D. Candidate University of Kansas
1486. Dillon Compton Alum Hampshire College
1487. Elysee Roberson-Schulz Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1488. Sarah Krill Williston UMASS Boston
1489. Eden Osucha Faculty Bates College
1490. Marleigh Higgins Alum Hampshire College
1491. John Edgar Tidwell Faculty University of Kansas
1492. Em Kaldenbaugh Alum Hampshire College
1493. Anne Kelly Feeney Seattle University
1494. LG Rollins Graduate student UMass Boston
1495. Melissa Burch Faculty Hampshire College
1496. Natalie Arbid Graduate Student UMass Boston
1497. Clarke Grayson Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1498. Zemora Tevah Alum Hampshire College
1499. Bárbara de Paula Alum Hampshire College
1500. Eve Weinbaum Faculty University of Massachusetts Amherst
1501. Cristina Cielo Faculty FLACSO Ecuador
1502. Emma Binder Staff Member Hampshire College
1503. Jeremy Prestholdt Faculty University of California, San Diego
1504. Sophie Frank Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1505. Byron Caminero-Santangelo Faculty University of Kansas
1506. Rachel Shainwald Alum Hampshire College
1507. Eliza Donahue Undergraduate student Hampshire College
1508. Cynthia A. Young Faculty The Pennsylvania State University
1509. Suzanne Oboler Faculty John Jay College - CUNY
1510. Nieves Ayala Staff Member Hampshire College
1511. Marina Malidzanovic
1512. Maya Sungold Alum Hampshire College
1513. Zayn Shaikh
1514. Flora Natalini Alum Hampshire College
1515. Mika Hernandez Alum Hampshire College

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