Brightspace Mid-Pilot Review (Students)
This semester you were using the new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Brightspace for one, or more, of your modules as part of the Brightspace pilot. In September 2019 Webcourses will be gone and Brightspace will be the only VLE available for all staff and students at TU Dublin - City Campus.

So, at this point, we would like to gather some feedback around your experiences of being part of the Brightspace pilot as well as your thoughts and opinions of the platform itself and how the interface etc is set up currently. Your feedback will help inform the service provided for all students in September.

This survey will take approx. 10 mins to complete. It is completely anonymous and all data collected will be stored securely. If you have any questions or queries before filling in this form, please contact Frances Boylan, Head of eLearning Support & Development, at

The anonymous feedback given here can be used within reports, articles and/or conference presentations. *
1. Did you experience any difficulties logging into Brightspace and finding and accessing your online module?
2. If you answered 'yes' to question no.1, please let us know here what happened.
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3. Once logged in, did you find your Brightspace module easy to use and navigate?
4. Do you have any further feedback around using & navigating Brightspace?
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5. Comparing Brightspace with Webcourses, which do you prefer and why?
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6. Is there anything about Brightspace that you would like to change? (The titles of the items on the navigation bars can be changed and additional links can be added to those drop down menus so any feedback would be most helpful to ensure those menus are right for September.)
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7. Did you use the Brightspace mobile app 'Pulse'?
8. Do you think that students will need formal training sessions in September to learn how to use Brightspace?
9. If you answered 'No' in question 7 to needing formal Brightspace training, are there any supports or resources that we could provide instead that would be of benefit to students?
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10. Any other feedback, comments, opinions or recommendations for the project team?
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