Immersion Reflection Exercise
Use this form to write notes and reflect on the video you watched. A copy of these notes will be sent to your email. We encourage watching the videos more than once to capture more of the environment. Note that this is an exercise and not a full substitute for a research based ideation process.
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Jot down your thoughts, gut feelings, and observations to develop your understanding of needs, drivers, and the broader context.
List some needs that come to mind in this context. Describe each need specifically.
For each need, identify the drivers or immediate causes, and context elements. Also focus on the aspects of the larger setting where they occurred.
Drivers (Relist need and list drivers - 1 need per line):
Context (relist Need and list elements of context - 1 need per line):
Jot down possible ideas for solutions - goods or services you can create for this setting. Then place them in ranked preferential order.
Brainstorm why you ranked an idea the most preferred. Why the second most preferred. The reasons you list are the criteria for evaluating ideas for solutions. (Most preferred idea - Reasons why etc. One idea and reasons per line).
Develop a specific concept for the solution which can be a combination of ideas. Describe in detail. Draw it out as well on a sheet of paper.
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