Taranath Shikshana Samsthe, Laxmi Venkatesh Desai College, Raichur. Parents Feedback Form
1. How would you rate the infrastructure of the college? *
2 What is your assessment of the security arrangements and safety measures in the college? *
3. How do you rate the learning experience of your son/ daughter in the college? *
4. What is your comment on the academic skills and knowledge of the college faculty? *
5. How would you rate the resources provided to students by the college? *
6. How would you judge the library and sports facility? *
7. How would you describe the social environment in terms of diversity and inclusiveness of the college? *
8. What is your opinion about the counselors and mentors that the college provides? *
9. What would you say about the fests, events, and extra-curricular activities arranged by the college? *
10 What is your assessment about the placements, internship opportunities provided by the college? *
Any other Suggestions: *
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